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    7/18 aztec overnight report

    Bring the burrito to the rail with you. Chuck it on the tackle rack if you get bit. You can eat when your dead. :imdumb:
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    Footwear recommendations

    Muck Boots makes a "Cool" version. Got these last time after years with Evairs and Xtra tuff. The mucks are way more comfortable, and a bit more pricey. I think around 120-130$. Well worth it IMHO.
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    This one was on 40# from a sportboat. 112# in one hr. Wish it had been 60#
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    Late May 22nd 3 day FV: Independance (pic heavy)

    Good job. Nice bunch of fish for a 3 day.
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    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    Good job on your fish. Bluefin are stubborn as hell.
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    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    Fish in the avatar went 112# on 40# line after 50 minute fight. Only used low gear for last couple minutes. My ass was done.
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    Ultra- Catalina Island

    It was a fun day with a great bunch of guys. Yellows could have cooperated better but the rockies bit pretty well and there was some nice quality. Red Drum was non-stop all day, smoked fish, great food, cold beer. It all came together.
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    John Collins knot

    Used this knot on my last Indy trip 8-9-14 65# spectra to 40# fluoro. Good enough to land a 112# Bluefin. Caught other fish 15-60# with no issues. I finish mine with a 2 turn uni on the spectra just for piece of mind.
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    On the INDY, 7 Day – July 26. WestCoast/Avet

    Rusty Hook 7-day on the Indy only a week away. I been Jones'in for months. Might fish every day if they head out west the first day.
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    On the INDY, 7 Day – July 26. WestCoast/Avet

    Be on there August 9-16th. Rocks sound promising, maybe some hoo's. Just good to get back down there. It's all good.
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    Shogun, or American Angler 5 day?

    AA is top notch. Been a few years since I fished the Shogun, but it is a great platform too. Lori at the AA office is one of the nicest people you could ever talk to and will make your booking totally painless. Crew will work there a$$e$ off and food is good. I very comfortable staterooms. Very...
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    Info on the Native Sun

    Good boat and crew. They love to fish (on there own time) and like to see there customers catch a lot too. They will be fishing for sand bass on the lead head and squid this weekend. Believe the boat is moving to 22nd street landing after that. Food is good also and plenty of space in the galley...
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    7-dayer in August
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    PacStar WILD ONE 3.5 day Oct.7-11th

    Another great trip Ron. We all get our time in the weather. Looks like you got them good though. Have to share the rail with you sometime.