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    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    couple of weeks ago... shotgun yote.... Imperial Valley
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    Doves 2nd season

    pigeons are not legal this year because of some incorrect literature in the regs. Doves are flying pretty good, and remember that pheasant also starts and duck is also open so bring some steel shot. Don't shoot pheasants till 8 a.m.
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    Chunking Questions

    do party boats chunk?
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    8/1 slow day 3/4 sea watch

    got a spot on that boat for this coming Saturday hope they can find us some fish then.
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    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    pulled the trigger or should I say set the hook on the MXL 6/4... thanks guys for all the great info...
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    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    I start taking the Dramamine pill the night before the trip starts and hasn't failed me yet, shit I don't even know if I get seasick but I don't want to find out.
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    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    thanks.. that info will do.
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    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    Hello Fellow BD'ers... I want to purchase an Avet reel as my first saltwater "go to" reel. I'll mainly be doing overnighters and maybe 2 day trips. I am a desert rat from the Imperial Valley that has only fished canal banks most of my life until a few years ago I go into salt and not looking...
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    YFT from the Jetty!!

    I'm fishing Crystal Pier tomorrow, does this mean I have a chance at some kind of tuna??
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    If you have a bad heart do not watch this

    looks like San Diego these day... :-)
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    Offshore Bluefin 6-13

    holy crap I would of bird nested on every cast!! lol .. killer video