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    WTB Captains chair helm seat

    What kind? Big boat or skiff?
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    For Sale Garage cleanout, helms, icechest trim tabs guages, bait tank and more

    I have been thinking about replacing my bench seat with one of those, what are the dimensions? Do u have the back? I think I am interested PM,d
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    Bluefin hunting out of Channel Islands

    East side of Cruz and Anacapa? So 5 miles out of the harbor? Haha I know what u mean. (west-South).... maybe between and North of Catalina and SBI. Good luck, i think a couple more weeks
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    44.4 lb yellowtail

    We got a couple of 50# at Santa Cruz Island @ 15 years ago. Well 50 and 48, one looked like it was blind in one eye and was a little skinny.
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    Lake Tahoe Boat Inspection and Seal Question

    There are no seals in Lake Tahoe.
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    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    Ok, whats the name?
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    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    From home page hit 3 bars on left and go to forums, once there do it again and it will give you the option to go to new posts.
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    Cleat install without through bolt

    Put it in the box, on that verticals wall over the drain hole. Make sure it is stout. May have to use a plate and a roller on bow would help
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    Boat “Road Tax”

    Buy it on the water and the road tax is not even on it. Diesel is always cheaper in the harbor
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    2008 2320

    Throw a hammock or 2 in there?
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    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Sweeet! I am sure they broke something so look it over reeeaal good before you cancel your claim.
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    any early bronco owners here?

    I am on my second. The one in front. Lots of fun, and easy to learn. Hydro boost brake unit is great, cheap and easy only need front disc. Tried EFI and went back to carb, keep it simple and have fun
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    new website sucks balls

    I would like new post on the home page.