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    Leg Cramps

    Mustard packets work almost instantly. Sounds weird but even bicyclists carry them and just suck em down while riding
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    Crystaliner 33 Repower

    Thanx and 300 gallons
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    Crystaliner 33 Repower

    Still need to figure out the deck? Brand new 1987 boat but the deck is a little worn
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    Crystaliner 33 Repower

    So I should mention I did motor mounts, engines, gears, shafts, wires, instruments and exhaust including water lift mufflers. I also did all that Seaboard Marine stuff to make them as simple as possible and to make them bulletproof as possibl. I thought the mechanic was doing it and I would...
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    Crystaliner 33 Repower

    So I like my boat but was not confident with the 1987 Detroit Diesels. They have been babied for 4.5 years while I saved. just finished a repower from 210hp each to 370hp Cummins 6BTA! So stoked on results! Can Cruz 24-25 knots and top out at 30, just ran from Channel Islands to Catalina and...
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    Southern California 5” exhaust

    Looking for a 5” below water exhaust for my repower project that’s goin on right now. If u have or know where I can find new or used let me know. Don’t really want to wait 10-12 weeks
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    5” exhaust

    Islandrat submitted a new listing: 5” exhaust - 5” exhaust Learn more about this listing...
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    Propshaft Repair

    That looks great. Just pulled my shafts today so I appreciate what u did. Hope u figure out the problem. I will follow
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    Termite Treatment

    Is it a wooden boat? I had termites in the bench seat at Thelma on the fly ridge and just treated it, problem solved. I have a friend that gave me some good stuff but u could just buy some at the store. They r just bugs
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    Anchor rigging question

    25’ of chain is not a lot. Some on here will say way more but u should add 10’ to your boat length. I assume your not on a 15’ boat
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    Neither Fish Finder Powering Up

    Maybe used last at night and the backlight is way low: hit the power and up on light in the blind...... may work
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    New Anchor - Wobbler on Pullpit

    Would cutting a groove in the roller help lock it down?
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    BoatID . com, anyone else have issues with them?

    Just bought a bunch of through hull (2” stuff” from them and they were priced well and came quick. Sorry for your experience.
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    Stardrag vs Daiwa SAGLD35 2SPD Saltiga LD Lever Drag

    I have a bunch and have had to send 2 lever drags in cuz they wouldn’t engage. Star drags have not had any issues. My first 30 star I found on the bottom of the ocean and it still works great!
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    2005 BW 305 Conquest Repower Question

    Boats are expensive. Repower s are expensive. If u really like the boat repower it and it will be like brand new. Sounds crazy but boats r crazy! I am putting new Cummins in a 1987 boat right now..... and be careful, if u buy the engines from someone else others may stall or refuse to install...