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    Calstar 90j too much rod for sx raptor?

    A penn fathom 30 star drag would be the better balance in unity, in my opinion at least, also a good bang for your buck too..
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    15% OFF on EBAY.....Today Only DEC. 28, 2018!

    Already have a Fathom 25n star drag, wanna bump up to 50lb mono since I’ll be throwing mostly the heavier 14a’s and JRI 4s on my 909XHJ, I’ll be using my Fathom 25n for lighter iron duty on 30lb mono..
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    15% OFF on EBAY.....Today Only DEC. 28, 2018!

    Please share what you bought.. surface iron junkie here... hehe I’m torn between buying a penn fathom 30 star drag or going big baitcaster with a okuma Komodo 463...
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    A small rockfish dangling below a chrome jig or any jig to make it appear as if it’s under distress... WHAM!
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    One Cool Tuna!

    I love my OCT jigs and have nothing but admiration for the man behind the name!
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    Lings can’t resist an ahi assault diamond jig in my part of the coast. I use the chrome mackerel but I’ve heard all the other patterns work just as well.
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    UC CE900XF

    Does UC put out factory wrapped GUSA rods or just blanks. I’m from cencal and don’t get to dive into shops carrying UC sticks unless I’m visiting family in SoCal. Their site only shows the REC line of rods factory wrapped. I hope that what I’m saying makes sense.
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    Coltsniper single hooks replacement

    Don’t think it’ll affect the swim but like yourself I too pictured the hooks barricading into each other on the flutter down. I’ll get to try this set up out this weekend, should have a report on how it worked when I get back.
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    I’ve heard about it being a good thing Doug and this trio of swimmers proves the theory to be true. I was thrown off when I saw them kick off to the side rather than just swim swim and swim some more. It was all too new to me at the time, never seen a jig do that before, pretty cool.
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    Not sure what generation starman mold these are from but boy they sure have the sweetest stroke and kick I’ve seen in any surface iron. Purchased them from this years fred hall in Long Beach, don’t recall what booth though. One obvious difference I see from other starmans is the hole on the top...
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    Coltsniper single hooks replacement

    What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Anyone tried this before? two 5/0 vmc wide gap hooks on a size 6 owner hyper wire split ring.
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    Joe's Jigs ?
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    Okuma Komodo 400 size...

    Planning on adding a 463 version to my arsenal. It will be paired up with a psw-909xhj for primarily surface irons and the occasional popper for smaller grade bluefin. I'm curious to hear, for the anglers whom own one, about the rod you have it set up with, the line (brand/capacity), fish...