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    Pacific Queen...what's the skinny?

    Sounds to me like you need 2 setups. 40lb for the school sized 40 to 60 lasers. 100lb for bigger fish at nite on jigs.
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    Slow Pitch Jigging Rod for 100lb+ Tuna

    As Shane said 25lb at strike, BUT don't fish at strike. Fish about 1/2 way to strike, then bump up after you set into the fight. Many fish lost for pushing drag up on first run.
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    Slow Pitch Jigging Rod for 100lb+ Tuna

    The ideal rod is 7 foot with a XXH tip and 4x butt. 2x4 or 770XXH for example.
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    Offshore Rooster Open Spots June 17 3day

    Me and 2 buddies are heading out on the rooster3 , 3 day. They just posted that they have 3 open spots June 17-20. 3 days chasing cow BFT, priceless.
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    Buckets on the Rooster?

    Got my pre-trip info for my upcoming Redrooster3 trip. Info says. No buckets? I have alot of my iron and lead in a bucket. Anyone have any recent experience with this? Stow on the top deck?
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    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    Kudos for great info report
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    What Ever Happened To Stand-up Rods?

    My short answer is no. The longer rod with a 2x tip allows some give and flex when the boat rocks or the fish turns up so you don't send a loose loop down the line.
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    Mono vs Fluoro Equivalence for BFT chew leaders

    So here is my new take on chafe leaders. I'm rigging my big nitghtime jugs with 200lb nylon coated wire. Smaller diam than 200 or 300lb mono or fluoro. My smaller jigs im using 125 black wire. Very small diameter and since there's nothing on a tuna that's harder than wire, they can never chew thru.
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    Thoughts on going old school on these BFT?

    The 30sw are fine, the question is what drag were they blusprinted to for freepool. As for the rods, they are not good with the current style of rail fishing. Believe it or not they can be lengthened from the butt end. Or buy some good 100lb class uses rods. As for the weight of the reel, put...
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    Redrooster3 June 17 to 20

    Heading out on the Rooster with 2 buddies June 17-20. Anyone else? I have so many jigs, Im going to distribute the weight so the boat doesn't list.
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    Vagabond 1 1/2 day. SMASHING BFT 6/7-9

    That is one (bluefin) fishy boat!
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    New to Tuna/Big Fish: Want advice on rod/reel

    Which trips, boat, days?
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    Talica 16 ii for trolling and jigging

    Problem is, you don't know if you'll get bit by a 50lb, 150lb or 250lb tuna. Looks to be a good 50-60lb reel.
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    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    I do exactly what VooDoo says. Except sometime I get too aggressive with a butane flame after applying and it liquifies and drips. Buts it does even out the coats and removes bubble. Also, I seem to have the best luck with ProKote. I find FlexCoat temperamental, but maybe that's just me,