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    Look what just showed up! Daiwa Zakana casting jigs

    Then why didn’t Daiwa add the solid ring?
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    Look what just showed up! Daiwa Zakana casting jigs

    I always wondered, “do you tie directly to the split ring or add a solid ring for this jig”.
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    RIP Tunabelly

    George is now fishing on the bow with Kenji. RIP
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Best Back and forth of the night... Biden: I’m the head of the Democratic Party!!! Trump: Why don’t you call the democratic mayor in Portland and tell him to fix the riots? Biden: Because I’m not the President!!! Trump: But you said you were the head of the Democratic Party?
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    Expired Passport???

    Passport offices are open with minimum staff that process life or death passports only. You have to prove life or death circumstances. Fishing or passing through Mexican waters won't be one of them.
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    Expired Passport???

    I mailed in my passport to get renewed with the written understanding on the passport forms that it would take 6 to 8 weeks to process. They started working on my passport March 9, according to their web site, and shut down their offices March 19 due to the Covid virus. The passport web site...
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    Offshore Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    How did the Excel handle dinner seating with 32 passengers?
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    Passport Purgatory

    I could of lied and said it was an emergency to get it expedited, but I had 12 weeks before my first trip, the Federal forms said six to eight weeks, and I don’t lie, especially to the Federal government. March 1, of this year there was no delay of passports. The warning came out on March 19 of...
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    Passport Purgatory

    I have three charter trips this year leaving out of San Diego. A 2/12 day over Memorial day, an eight day at the end July and a two day in September. My ten year passport was expiring at the end of August, so I filled out the paperwork and mailed my information and current passport to the U.S...
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    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Something about 23 people keeping a 6' safe distance on a 65' boat.
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    DFG Shutting fishing down????

    "It pertains to all waters?"
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    Targetting opah

    Was fishing on the Excel with my son, Travis, at the end of July, 2014. Our Captain, Justin Fleck, stopped the boat on what he thought was a school of yellowtail. He told eveybody to drop a yo yo jig or a dropper loop down 200'. We hooked five Opah and lost two close to the boat. My son on the...
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    Long Range shutdown?

    Fisherman's landing just closed down until March 31 per San Diego Health Dept.
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    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    .One of the many 70 to 90lb Blue-fin caught on last year's trip.