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    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Shit! what Happened to this place SMH . WOW.
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    For Sale new unpriced and unspecified rods and pickup in Feruary

    Sticks would you feel harassed or offended if I offered you half a bucket of chicken them Rod's.
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    SOLD Lowered!!!!Shikari,gusa,S Seeker blank, n graftech

    The Coolors Bro. Beatle stick cock roach and Rice Brown potato bug enima .Why?
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    Translated.. You pendejos have been along for the ride .
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    For the daily routine folks. It's more like Triple time at 365 every hour while you are sleeping . And it's thanks for your Taxes . I'll tack on another Hour on my shift as you sleep tight.
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    Fucker has to learn . good Job Gentleman .
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    REMEMBERING SURFDOC in Bahia Asuncion

    Back in the Good oll days . Great tribute..
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    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    With 67 pound YFT and BFT in the 120s on fly line 30#.? The bottom stuff is welcome . I can't even give away Tuna any-more. I smile at this problem . Ànd I love it..
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    SOLD LB Super Seeker CJBF 6480XH

    Hell Yeah!! these are only available in private Sales now a day's I've been warned about placing a Respectable price on items like this. Dude told me I was going to be reprimanded in some way IDFK regardless of his or his friends complaints about Me I won't be threatened By them This is an old...
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    Truline D8

    That's a great look .
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    For Sale or Trade Shimano Trinidad 16DC

    Maybe $686 6 crispys and 4 crispys + 6 Hooker bucks they still smell like watermelon and the glitter is still on them.
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    Washington Vs Utah

    What's this shit Utah makes rods.
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    Fix for Tern reels drag issues.

    Holy mother of Shit!! Really? I have 6 terns I haven't fished yet. Was waiting for 2020 to use Them. What's the problem ?
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    The avid Guy here would not bet$ his life on this boat/Captain based No way will I Jump on his Boat just like the dumb as that shoots himself in the foot. Dude is at his lowest point in life fucker helped Kill a Passenger due too no Brains at the helm No need for investigations Dumb ass likes...