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    Offshore What island is this?

    Your father was awesome ....Just like mine 10 years coast guard and 31 Navy spent his life on the water ...things he did places he went fish he caught was incredible ...Not story's but Truth's so many to call BS of times gone by... you and I have very fond memories of the times of yesteryear...
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    Offshore Who does this ???

    We were already fishing when I mentioned Trump .Trump wasn't the reason I took these guys It was the Right thing to do...
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    Offshore Who does this ???

    Back at ya Chad !
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    Offshore Who does this ???

    OMG ! I ABOUT PEED MYSELF ! ! Thanks for the laugh .....this truly was a humbling experience....thank you
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    Offshore Who does this ???

    Good day ! This is Mike >>>>Well what a very pleasant surprise this morning reading all the responses. And it all happened just like they said , I knew I would not want to be in their shoes and Knew I could do something about it ! Hay wanna go out on my boat I say it was like Christmas ...
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    Offshore Bookends by 11

    Sorry we surf on Thursdays .lol
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    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    Double check the weather and lots o folks had issues today ..........long way to tow to turn around
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    Opening To Fish Wednesday the 9TH

    Have a couple openings on my boat tomorrow fish the islands leave Harbor Island West 4;30 typical gig drugs no drugs no drugs total 4 people On Boat PM ME ASAP
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    Yes of course
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    Coronado Islands Casino?

    Yea we used to surf that cove in the 50s as little kids still wearing diapers ...didnt need tow in at the time ! back in the good old days
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    Coronado Islands Casino?

    East Side
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    Coronado Islands Casino?

    Tucked in the cove on South Island look for the Larger concrete Structure (Home) Still shown in the Photo ....if you go to the Hotel Del there are also photos of it there as well ....Doghouse remember those days well......the good old days ! back when it was great !
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    Sat phone from madrugador

    PM Me please
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    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    As a Kid was there one time in 69 winter when it is more predictable it wasn't big next time was mid 70s and 80s than had to stop to many back Surgery's Howard Benedict long time friend and water man surfed Todos it finally got him one day and held him under and he passed a few weeks later great...