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    Todd Gorman is at it again!!!

    She’s done and ready to get wet tomorrow…that sounds bad but you know what I mean.
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    UC Reaper 10e…reel pairing

    I’m more of a saltist guy with the star drags. Will give the Tranx it’s due on Saturday and see how she flings. A long departure from my beach casting days in Ireland where a pendulum swing launching out and over the surf was the ticket
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    UC Reaper 10e…reel pairing

    Being Irish had to go with green, white and gold…colors of the Irish flag.
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    UC Reaper 10e…reel pairing

    Some porn
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    UC Reaper 10e…reel pairing

    I’ve got a Tranx500hg or an Avetlx mc, any input on whose got what paired with theirs? Will be my second 10’ and geared more towards heavier San Diego island and offshore fishing. My other 10’ is a CUI that’s a perfect 30lb jig stick paired with a bg35h and casts a mile with light surface...
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    Deck Boots

    I just dumped my extratuff shorts after 5 or 6 years service after noticing a leak in the sole. Ordered another pair in a weird pelagic blue print as I noticed the old school tan boots cooked your feet. I’m 51 and a saltier guy than me taught me an epic trick, while the boats moving and that...
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    Looking to kill some time next week while in San Diego for a conference!?!?!

    Also could hop on a twilight trip from one of the landings
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    Moon phase for departure on overnight boat June 19th

    Thanks all, have a window to jump on the Condor from Fisherman’s Landin….might have to replicate where I was luckily enough to bring in one of two…on 25lb
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    130# Setup Necessary?

    Being 51 and no longer a young gun it’s a factor. My last bf was 133lbs and I handed off after 20 mins for assist, if I was 30 again surfing three times a week no worries. Don’t need the other setup, just breathe
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    Dropshot sinker rig question?

    I’m still figuring out the hydrodynamics on this relative to bait presentation. Am I’m missing something where this could appear unattractive and good for a school under the boat within easy reach, where the sinker rig was designed for long soak / depth column searching
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    Moon phase for departure on overnight boat June 19th

    Trying to align the impossible but any input for those In the know regarding moon phase? San Diego trip for a
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    Compete in 2022 YellowTail Shootout!

    I’d love to pay to play on a boat!!! Any skipper need a 52 year old whose willing to assist let me know. I’m somewhat salty, grumpy in a good way, have enough sabiki rigs to know when enough is enough but I’ll still bring a 30lb bag of cat food so we make some fixings where needed to get candy...