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    9 mile bank

    Glad to see those fish coming in, nice report.
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    Newport report 7/5/15

    Brandon, Thanks for the report and the nice pic's
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    No crowds and easy fishing at the 150 6/11

    Nice job, thanks for the report.
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    Dana Point weekend yellows 5/23 - 5/25

    That is Awesome, Great report and pix. And I stayed home to BBQ hamburgers :imdumb:
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    Rpt.-Sat. 04-18-15 Great local fishing on the Ducky!

    The DuckY is HOT, thanks for the report and Great pics
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    Bring it on! :jig:
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    2/14 Local lb yt

    Very nice fish, Great job.
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    Best Boat Insurance

    For sure Boat U.S., the same people as Vessel Assist. I have never heard anything but good about them and they were cheaper than my previous carrier.
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    Need to replace fuel pump Volvo Penta

    Yep, I heard of them, thanks
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    Need to replace fuel pump Volvo Penta

    Anyone try to do this yourself ??? I have 2004 Striper 2301 with the 5.0 GXI engine. While fishing on Saturday I noticed allot of whining noise coming from the fuel pump. I had 2 occasions where I had a loss of power but it didn't quit; was able to make it back ok. This will be the third fuel...
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    Gunwale Rod Storage

    Same problem, I use mine to store the gaff, net, dock pole and my club. Rods are in my rod holders or down in the cabin.
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    Need to replace brake lines on trailer...where should I get them?

    Yep, That's where I went when I replaced my disc brakes, brake lines and the master cylinder 2 years ago.
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    snack ideas

    Need to be careful with the banana's, some boats won't allow them- BAD LUCK
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    Experienced, that's what counts right?

    Welcome Casey Helps if you at least drink beer :hali_olutta: