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    WTB Abyss PSX-808 or 908

    WTB Abyss PSX-808 or 908. Anyone interested is selling??
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    Newell S338-5 $125

    I’m selling a Newell S338-5 currently spooled with 40lb mono. I just don’t use the reel anymore. Looking to get $125
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    If they don’t sell let me know I’m interested
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    Garmin BlueChart g3 vision

    Hello I’m looking to upgrade my Garmin charts to the BlueChart g3 vision. Does anyone know of a discount code? Does this product ever go on a promotion? Thanks
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    8 and 9 weight fly setups

    Where are you located?
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    How to deal with my bottom paint

    So I purchased a boat that had bottom paint. I now trailer the boat so the bottom paint is not necessary. I really don’t care about how it looks (starting to come off along the sides) but it’s also starting to smudge black when touched. This sucks when washing the boat, it causes black marks...
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    VHF question ??

    Question I live inHuntington Beach and I was trying to test my VHF radio using the Boat us ch 27 automated responses. I’m getting a response do you think it should get a response 3 miles inland. Does anyone have any other wa
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    Tern 400 like new

    Where you located??
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    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    Yes I know but I need to stay with the smaller size group 24 batteries for space in my console.
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    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    So I’m looking to get 2 new boat batteries. I have a 19 foot Boston Whaler, I need to power regular equipment: bilge pump, bait pump, wash down pump, vhf radio, fish finder, and stereo. I currently have two interest group 24 deep cycle batteries liquid. I was thinking I might step up to...