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    Large lobster bait cages

    5 large bait cages in excellent condition and 2 bait bags. $20 located in poway.
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    Buddy Boat for Saturday, 9/26/20 out of SD?

    Pm sent. Im headed for 43 to sci direction. Lmk
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    3 trailer tires and wheels 13"

    Poway. Fyi, click on a members username and if they dont have it on private it should show there location.
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    3 trailer tires and wheels 13"

    Bump. 2 sold. 2 and spare left. $125 firm.
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    3 trailer tires and wheels 13"

    Editted. Thanks new trailer has 14's on it.
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    3 trailer tires and wheels 13"

    13" galvanized trailer wheels and carlisle hd trailer tires. 4 Tires bought last year and were also balanced. 1 was a spare. Barely used the four tires. Still has new tire whiskers on it. I just got a new trailer so dont need this set. Excellent condition. Only 2 wheels picture other 2 in same...
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    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    Doesnt the drain tube go into a female fitting at the bottom of the tank? Can u just chamfer the tube at the bottom so the fit is not so tight? When ive created new tubes for different tanks ive had on different boats and had to chamfer the new pvc tube to fit into the female end at the bottom...
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    Lowrance/simrad point-1 heading sensor

    Just the sensor with the wire that connects to ur backbone/tee. U need a nmea starter kit (power connector, tee, nmea cable) and your all set.
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    10 Frozen flying fish

    Have 10 frozen flying fish still wrapped that we never got a chance to use. $25 each. Paid 33 from tackle shop.
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    Lowrance/simrad point-1 heading sensor

    Lowrance/simrad point-1 heading/gps sensor. Aquires gps faster but biggest advantage is map orientation and line to show ur heading. I added autopilot and it came with another sensor. Had this one on the boat for a year. Add nmea network starter kit and ur all set. Once nmea network set up it...