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    Great spring fly fishing in Southern Utah

    Its just been good fishing every were this spring now heading into early summer...My problem has been which water to fish...We had a short ice fishing season although the quality of fish was outstanding.. Here's pic from one of my favorite still water locations...Fishing an indicator over a...
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    Panguitch Lake

    Its a put and take lake..they stock thousands of trout in that lake to keep the tourists happy...its a great place to take power bait and worm was stated before lots of dead cuts and tigers due to the slot..never dig a hook out of any slot fish. If its hooked deep cut the line close...
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    Big Bear Lake 5/24

    We call it Slam'in peach...Its all you ever need.. carolina rig with 4lb floro and you'll out fish everyone..
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    Utah. Brian head area

    Its ice fishing time. Panguitch is fishable now. Just fished it. The creeks are iced up pretty good right now. With snow the next few days the creeks will be brutal.
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    Bass Fishing Utah?

    I moved to Cedar in 2009 from Comifornia.. After Living, Hunting and Fishing here I fully agree...I have learned to keep my trips on the down low.
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    Fall in the Rockys

    Wolly Bugger gone cRazy...Minus the hackle...sweet...Let us know how it works
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    Bait tickets

    Those were the days for sure. I was just a young kid back then..The Newport Pier had no rails, just wooden benches. My mom was always afraid I would fall off the pier..Never did..My dad would send me up to get bait with a few tickets in hand a 1 gallon pail to put the Anchovies in...Good times...
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    Carpage and Basstage

    Here in the South, the rain has pretty much wiped us out with high flows and muddy conditions. I'm waiting on fall when they shut the flows down and the rain stops.
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    Carpage and Basstage

    Send me a PM.
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    Southern Utah Fly Fishing Question

    Nope..nothing to see here! move along!... send me a PM...
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    Kolob Reservoir

    The fishing is fair on the fly rod...Do your time on the water and you will be rewarded..Wooly buggers in black or olive will get you fish..If you want a nice treat drive over to where the creek enters the lake and watch the fish in full spawning mode.. If you bait fish..The normal PB and...
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    Trout Making Red on GoPro HERO Video

    You have to love the typical SO Cal spawning grounds complete with Beer bottle. Great video footage by the way.
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    Waldport in July

    Thanks a bunch. Thats the info I needed..
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    Waldport in July

    Thanks guy...Any trout action in the creeks and rivers?
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    Waldport in July

    I have a family reunion in Waldport in mid July. I plan on fishing every day..Whats happening here at this time of year? I'm trying to figure out what I need to take..