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    IGFA question
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    First Attempt at Crimping

    Quinn, the B1 sleeve pictured IS NOT a single barrel. It’s a dual barrel. And it looks pretty good. Always check actual line diameter before selecting the correct sleeve. Especially when using 130lb fluoro, they’re all different.
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    Old us made electric reel?

    Electramate would be my guess. Give them a call.
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    How to remove glue from reel cover (Penn)?
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    Great story, very well done.
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    Direct to spectra.... WHO's hooked a fish on a direct tie to braid....?

    I've done it on wahoo, many times. Never tried on tuna.
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    Braid/fluoro newbie

    I was thinking about purchasing BHP wind on leaders. But their recommendation is to position the fluorocarbon connection between the reel and first guide. This would mean I'd buy a 25ft leader and cut it to the proper position once on the rod. Doesn't seem too cost effective. That is not my...
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    Marking off Depth Indicators on Line for Deep Drops

    The black sharpie marks will wash out. Also, if you get cut off, all your marks get cut off too. Color-coded spectra is a much better alternative if you haven't already spooled your reel.
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    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    The original washing cages were sold with a 2 aluminum inserts, allowing you to mount the unit on a standard linewinder with a 5/8" shaft. The inserts are key to being able to quickly remove line from the reel, then wind it back on with sufficient pressure.
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    Knot for conventional spool that has a peg or post?

    maybe I'm mistaken but I was told the "correct" method there was to just drop a loop over it, take up 8-10 winds and tie a dropper loop into your line then finish filling up the spool. Definitely not correct. Watch the video.
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    Backing for spectra

    No Backing! If you want to spool it correctly, forget the mono backing and get a longer spool of 80lb braid. You'll be happy you did when that fish takes you into the mono.
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    Momoi Monofilament - Your Thoughts?

    Momoi Hi-Catch is similar to Izorline XXX in softness and ease of casting. It's superior in overall quality, and it's slightly thinner than XXX in all tests. Momoi Diamond is harder, stiffer, and more abrasion resistant than Izorline XXX. This is by design, it's intended to be a great trolling...
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    Rest In Peace Ralph Mikkelsen. The Long Ranger...
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