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    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    Listen to the expert right here; all questions answered. Bob Dawson has been insuring travel and fishing trips for years:
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Happy for all on this trip. I did a couple of Team Hoo trips on the XL, always had an awesome time and learned a lot from these guys. Then today I was reminded one year our Trophy/BHP flydown charter left the day after Team Hoo got in, we left the sound system in place and 6 of us or so plus the...
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    Which 100lb Pink Fluorocarbon?

    From XL: Eric has the biggest tuna so far with this 180 pounder caught on 80# Yo-zuri pink fluorocarbon. These type of conditions; deep blue water and bright sunshine, is where I've seen Yo-Zuri Pink out-catch all other brands of fluoro. If you have multiple big fish rigs in your arsenal, at...
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    Great trip Bill! Your preparation has been meticulous over the past few years and it paid off when the opportunity presented itself. Exciting report!
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    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    If the goal is to ID what test line you have on these unmarked spools, obtain some reference samples that are clearly marked and lay the line side by side. Should take just a minute.
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    More like 400 yards 100lb 12-strand.
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    Clothing for January 16 day

    It will get hot, every day down the line it gets warmer. When you get to the Bank it should be 80+. Be prepared with light weight rain gear in the off chance you get precipitation. Coming back it will chill down and may get downright nasty uphill. Sometimes though, it’s shirtsleeve sailing all...
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    Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight?

    Story #2 might interest the LR community...
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    Weird hollow loop tag issue

    Pull it out, cut off an inch, rebury.
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    New To Crimping

    I’ve heard of people cutting sleeves in half for “stealth mode” on a crimped connection. What diameter/test line are you crimping?
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    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    We had 2 of them them on the XL for many seasons. They were plumbed into the bait tank's water pumps.
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    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    you either need to be longer or deeper than the other lures. The way I read TFT's post, he'll troll the bar in the #1 or #5 position. The bar will be shorter than #2-3-4 positions and the rudder will carry it far to port or starboard out in clean water, clear of anyone else even in the turns...
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    New To Crimping

    That would be Joyce Corrigan I believe
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    New To Crimping

    If you're just starting out, this website is worth a look: