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    spectra line breaking strength

    I've seen it rated on a test chart at 139.6 lb.
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    Fly down-fly back or fly not?

    How about Super Bowl Sunday cruising down to Cabo on the Big X with just a few of us? That was very therapeutic!
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    Fluorocarbon - What Brand is Better to Tie Knots

    3-turn uni knot and a squeeze of water. Get some standard 50lb mono and practice before committing to the fluoro. Premier is a little softer but simplicity in knot choice is key.
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    Berkley pro spec hollow core vs jb hollow core

    The 80W will take a lot of line. It's not a jigging reel so the question then becomes, how to set it up for the kite AND troll. Trolling with an 80W way back and lots of other boats around means, at least to me, a long 200-yard topshot. But that would not be good on the kite. the 80W is a...
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    Berkley pro spec hollow core vs jb hollow core

    Both of them are easy to splice, and rated over 200lb ABS. What reel are you putting the line on?
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    Berkley pro spec hollow core vs jb hollow core

    What’s the better option in hollow core when in the 200lb line class? What is your intended use?
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    Sushi cut question

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    You can only own *three* fishing books. They would be....

    Linda Greenlaw’s “The Hungry Ocean”. Chapter 9. “Loose Lips”. A great lesson. My other favorites are Melville’s “Moby Dick” and Hemingway “Old Man and the Sea”.
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    Tuna rods built by Yo’s tackle

    If you're interested in a 46H standup rod wrapped by Martin let me know via PM.
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    Giant fishing chart

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    Giant fishing chart

    Look up BA Chart 4802 on Amazon
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    Seaguar blue label fluorocarbon appearance?

    blue label should be clear like premiere. Old! Wrong, and wrong. The "tea color" of Seaguar Blue Label is 100% normal. That's how it comes from the factory; you will notice it more as the test goes up. You have made the best fluoro selection in my opinion. Little known fact: Blue Label has...
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    Chafing tubing vs. springs on leader loops

    Use a lighter to form a bulb in the end of the leader. Now you have the ability to pull the line tight around the grommet without the line slipping out of the sleeve, after you position the sleeve inside the tool. Position the sleeve in the 33V tool and apply just enough pressure to hold the...