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    2320 Parker

    Very clean work... I hope I have such a generous friend like you when I buy my boat.
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    Puerto Vallarta! November 16-20, 2019

    Awesome trip. Thanks for sharing
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    SOLD Reels

    Ill take the tern if your willing to ship to San Jose ca.
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    looking for two anglers on the Marlas for 3 1/2 trip

    What is the cost? How much do the hotels cost a night near by?
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    How much is the cost for the dec 3-/12 day with the Osuna brother?

    How much is the cost for the dec 3-/12 day with the Osuna brother?
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    Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing
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    Very Sad. Becarfule out there.

    My condolences to Ryan and his family....
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    Another connection

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing
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    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    Chief will be missed. Caught my cow on her and met a lot of good people. RIP Chief
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    10/1 371It

    Awesome report! Thanks for sharing
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    For Sale 2000 Davis Rock Harbor 25 ft long cabin

    Labor Day bump for a sweet boat!
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    For Sale 18’ Lund 150hp Mercury 4 Stroke

    So glad it sold. Was rolling around in bed last night trying to figure out how to tow her home lol. Great sled
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    Went Fishing PV last week

    Thank you for sharing an honest review.