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    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    I was about to say WTF 11 I didn't think that the boat changed that much since I worked on it back in 2003-2005
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    vail mix bag

    fished vail a few days ago for a mix bag, Bass,Crappie,and bluegill:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
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    shogun/accu 15 day

    Way to go G !! was Ken wearing his boots fighting that fish :) glad you all had a good trip!!! Arron and Cole are fish hunter-killers!!
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    It's Little Johnny Again

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    the shad bite at Vail

    No but you can fish the shore if you buy a 10 dollar daily permit.
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    the shad bite at Vail

    Hit up Vail Lake and the bite is still going strong, got to the lake around 0700 with Tadpole and friends after tadpole's brother caught some shad the bite was on, they were even eatting the dead shad!!!
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    Lake Vail Again!!

    I would say a fair amount is accessible
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    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

    Shaka Vail is going off right now!!!!!!:hali_olutta:
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    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

    when i use to fish it there were some big crappie and bluegill in there!!!
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    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

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    Lake Vail Again!!

    Fished Lake Vail again today, got there about 0700 and the fish were on the shad again. I used a shad rap and got about 30 fish for the morning, the bite shuts down from wide opwen to a steady pick and the late eveing it goes wide open again.
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    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

    nice bass there chappy!!! Hodges is dam near my back yard!!! didnt know you did the freashwater thing, maybe we can get together and catch some green bass!!
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    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

    No you can buy a day permit to fish the shore only for 10$
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    Slab Fishing Lake Elsinore.

    Lake Henshaw should start to bite soon and i mean real soon!!!!! Vail is already going off now!!