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    For Sale 97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    This is a fantastic ride, it has been super well maintained and fishes very well with tons of open deck space for the size. Got it bloody lots of times. Someone is getting a hell of a deal at this price..
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    For Sale 1987 33 Crystaliner - Repowered and Fully Restored

    Wow. Beautiful. How is this not sold..
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    For Sale Stringari 20

    I hate to be a pain in the ass, but what's the OAL from outdrive to trailer tongue, and width on the trailer? I've got only so much space in the driveway corner.. Great looking rig.
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    For Sale 31’ Jersey twin diesel

    Looks to be the perfect budget SCI rig!
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    Any reports from today?

    Yeah, it was pretty bumpy out there, I happen to be aboard a 90' yacht, but was thinking to myself I wouldn't want to be in my skiff out there.. The little purple jet head was the hot ticket on the troll. Had a couple doubles and a triple on a cedar and a mex flag feather out there.
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    Any reports from today?

    Hit the 425 after a late start with a good showing of sport boats and a few PB's, got a small yft right off the bat on the flyline and another lost, then nothing. Saw a couple bent rods, but not many. The fleet moved on and we trolled towards the 302 and picked up several good sized skipjack...
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    Damn good smoked as well..
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    FREE Old Metal Leaning Post/Seats

    Damn, that's badass! And it has a gun rack!! Good luck with it.
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    For Sale HDS 8

    Is this model nmea compatible? Thanks!
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    Sign of things to Come?

    Just wanted to report a welcome sight on the south 9 yesterday, a good sized marlin cruising along. In March. Threw a couple of macs his way, but never could get in front of him before he sank out. Beautiful conditions and 60 degree water on the outside, 56 degrees coming out of the bay...
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    SOLD Shamrock 20

    What kind of performance do you get out of her? Top speed, mileage, cruise, if you have any numbers. Curious about the shaft drive. Thanks.
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    Whistler Bonito

    Timing belt gear on the top of the crank had worked itself loose and pushed up into the housing. Still dialing in a new to me honda BF90. Not a hard fix, got a used gear and housing on ebay for $50, and another $100 for new timing belt and odds and ends while I'm there.. How else is the kid...
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    Whistler Bonito

    Thanks guys, parts are ordered and back on the water shortly. I'm telling ya, I was skeptical on the bonito, but it turned out fantastic! Try it you'll like it!
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    Whistler Bonito

    Little late of a report, but went out monday to the whistler and back up towards Point Loma on the outside of the kelp looking for bonito or skippies for my 11 year old. Made a stop on puddling bait and soaked a couple of baits, engine was acting up so I shut it down while I dicked with it...