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    Good point
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    2002 Parker DV 2530 Pilothouse ($10K Price Drop 10/20)

    Good to hear. Great looking boat. GLWS
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    Like new custom calstar 100j $200

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures
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    NIB WTF?

    Oh, they are down the street. I haven't drove by yet but I will today. Hope everything is covered under their insurance.
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    NIB WTF?

    Not sure what you are saying
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    NIB WTF?

    One option is bd:)
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    NIB WTF?

    I'm ok with them making cash on bd if that means we save cash on bd. Everyone on here has access to a quick google search for a price check. If they are ok buying a reel for a small discount and no tax I don't see a problem. Suggesting bd members don't have the competence to do a quick price...
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    Newell/Penn tiburon kit

    Just curious what the Newell 229 went for?
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    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20A $400!!!

    such a great real! GLWS
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    Yellowfin finally acting like yellowfin - 267 to 209 October 22

    Looking forward to having a boat to do this with my wife one day. Ty for sharing.
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    10' rod suggestion?

    I have two great 8'6 rods. A phenix and terez. I've considered adding a 10' to my collection. In my case would I see a better difference going with the uc 9 or 10? Great topic.
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    A Good Star Drag Reel ??

    Can't go wrong with these. Seen a few in the classifieds. Both the trini and the saltiga reels have a reputation for being great for casting. I own one of each. The older versions. I've never regretted the money I spent on them. When you can throw a sardine past the rest on a party boat your...
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    Tuesday 10/17 YFT

    Ty for sharing.