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    Truline lm9 blank

    She gone
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    Surface iron identification

    Sick thanks. Can't wait to ring it up
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    Surface iron identification

    Wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of surface iron this is. It's a little heavy it had really old rusty split rings and a beat up hook. Thanks
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    Need an id on these jigs

    I thought leadmaster made those a while back 🤔
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    Keeping after all

    Keeping it
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    Ss 6480 wanted

    Just like the title says 6480 wanted. Not the 6480h. Also looking for a 1x3located in sd
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    Conolon skipper special $80

    Hey how heavy in weight is that rod?
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    Super Seeker CJBF80H Blank 30-50lb

    Fuuuuck to far away I'd take it
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    What kind of blank is this

    Sweet!! Thanks guys its mean
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    Long Beach lobsters

    hit the break wall. Drop a line of nets and wait 40 mins
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    What kind of blank is this

    I got this blank at the swap meet for $5 and had it wrapped. Its 7ft and I would rate it 40-60lb. Sweet stick have no idea what it is.