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    Let's talk shrimp pots

    Dungeness gear works all the way , heavy and shrimp fast with the six tunnels. Rarely do i bring more than two pots with me, i hate pulling the last two and rail dumping them
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    I know that redundancy is good but......

    34.9 ball busting horsepower there, i bet she flies. And if it don't and your on crack who cares. Im just wondering what the electric troll motor Is for ?
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    Want to buy: Kill bags for sale

    What size ? I have a 30x60 brand new somewhere
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    WTB shimano tekota w/o line counter

    I've got a 500 barely used but light scratches on side plate that's just sitting around
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    12lb downrigger ball mold?

    I have a 15 in the renton area
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    WTB Kill Bags -

    I got a brand new 30x60 just sitting around
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    White starboard

    I should have some, I'd have to check the pile. but i don't typically go south of renton very often
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    Allright, which one of you was it?

    Many many people have camped on that spot, there's channel buoys for a reason
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    Gelcoat Restoration Question

    Anyone ever tried ceramic coating ?
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    Free boat crap

    Love the shit and use it on everything, but i didn't like the squeeze nozzle, i prefer the aerosol can.
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    Free boat crap

    Everything's gone, thanks guys.
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    Free boat crap

    Clamps, rod holder, water separator, and corrosion x are spoken for.
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    Free boat crap

    Cleaning out garage, everything is free, I'll be in Tacoma and Renton this weekend. If nobody wants it it'll go into landfill.
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    Reels and Misc Items For Sale (Avet, Fin Nor, seeker)

    I'll take both avets if they change mind
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    Xd100 oil

    Leaders rpm $124.94 for three gallons comes out to $41.65. No shipping cost and it gets delivered to your door step fast. Oh ya and no tax