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    Help on choosing a good 300 winchester magnum rifle!

    Check out tikka t3
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    Subaru Input

    Subaru is on par with honda for reliability. You might not see them here much in the west coast but they are all over the place in the east coast due to the awd system. Honda quality isn't that all great like they used to be. If it was me, id choose the subaru legacy. Turbo would be nice but...
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    Alaskan King Crab Fresh Vs. Frozen?

    Newport seafood had live king crab @ 34.99 last time I checked back in oct. San gabriel location.
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    SARL Help...

    50 yards left of the boat dock with m&m or catfish lake at the end of the channel casting 20-30 feet out
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    INDIAN 1-1/2 day trip special for 8/31-9/01

    Hey chris please put me down for 3 please. Thanks
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    Tie down brakes - Don't do it!

    Thanks for the info.. I guess I can scratch tie down off my list as im currently shopping around for disk brake system to replace my drum setup. Im leaning towards kodiak with ss calipers and coated rotors but that UFP db35 with aluminum calipers looks decent for the price of 315.00.
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    In terms of accuracy and reliability .45

    Whatever 45 that fits your hands comfortably. Go rent some and see what's comfortable for u.
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    catalina rockish?

    360 ft max depth. Just do a drift around the area. Find some nice rocky bottom. Goodluck.
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    catalina rockish?

    Fansworth is backside of Catalina where you're gonna be. Lots of varieties of fish.. White fish/ sheaphead/vermilions/lingcods. It's worth my time and gas everytime.
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    catalina rockish?

    Fansworth bank area about 160-200 ft. 20-30 lb setup with 6-12 oz torpedoes. Goodluck!
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    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Just placed my order and jason was very helpful. Thanks for a smooth transaction! Will definately return for more items.
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    Did I say I love Okinawa!

    Sweet Jesus! Thanks for the fishing report.
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    Gun Cleaning Chem?

    Eezox for cleaning/lube and bore scrub for the bore.
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    DSLR Camera Selection

    Canon t2i @ 3.7 frames per second and 1080 HD video @ 949.99 and it comes with 18-55mm lense, 55-250 mm telephoto lense. Canon 50d kit with 6 frames per second and no video for around 1200.00 bucks and u have to buy a good telephoto lense for around 350.00-2200. I prefer the 50d because it's...
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    AR-15 with extras

    Post it on and it'll be sold much faster with less headache. Good luck and nice oll rifle!