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    Who here went to Vietnam?

    USMC 1st Radio Battalion 1968-72.... 1970-71. In the mountains somewhere west of Danang.
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    hurricane KAY outlook

    Yeah... You also might die driving the freeways to the marina.
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    You are a better man than me!
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    Offshore Catalina (Small fish or Bluefin?)

    Why is it not appropriate for the kids, or are you just joking?....and why the fake faces?
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    Fly fishing Rules

    And yes, you can present them in any manner desired, meaning spinning rod, fly rod and I think even trolling, just as long as you are following hook restrictions.
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    Fly fishing Rules

    Wow. He needs new sponsors. Sage rods, maybe. Abel reels for Trout, I doubt it. $1200 waders....where? Wading boots, you can get them for far less. Flies. You don't need to buy from Umqua or Spirit River. Big Fly will sell you all that you want, individual or bulk, from .75c to a Buck...
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    Fly fishing Rules

    That's a lot like Bullshity, right?😊
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    Fly fishing Rules

    I call Bull Shit on this! I've collected antique fly rods, reels and wooden lures for 30 yrs and no way is there 10 Grand worth of rod, reel or other accessories (sp) available in the size used for creek fishing unless they are using early or pre pre 1900 gear, which I doubt. Maybe you...
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    Draw results are in

    If you are a hiker, there are some great opportunities. If you're a road hunter, you'd better be there opening day along with 90+% of the tag holders and their friends
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    Shimano Terez & Talica

    I,ve got a 130,(25minutes) 110 (40 minutes) and my friend, a 200( 1hr 40 minutes) on my Terez XH. So what can I say?
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    best prescription sunglsses?

    I've had Ray Ban, which i like, Costas and countless cheaper one, but for the last 15 yrs I've worn Smith Optics, polarized and I'll probably be buried with those.
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    What did you draw?

    Drew a late Nv deer and a New Mex private land hunt. Hronk
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    Size Matters… Not!

    I haven't had the boat on Crowley in 2 yrs. I'm thinking of selling it. Using the czech style has made the lower O too easy. Some very bigguns like the #10 and 12's in the Upper. We had a couple at 24" last Fall./Winter. My go to fishing in the fresh has become Carp. they are much tougher...
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    Size Matters… Not!

    Leave my czech nymphing alone! At least don't tell the whole world about it. Hronk