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    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    And if you do end up with bubbles, fish it like you stole it. Won't keep you from getting bit. "Yeah, better give me the insurance. Cause I'm going to beat the hell out of this rod." :D
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    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    Color preserver is for preserving color. It's helping to reduce bubbles because it's forcing the air out of the thread, which you can do with finish and possibly save yourself a step. If you need a torch, your ambient temp is too low in the first place. I haven't used one in years, although I...
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    Tips on preventing air bubbles?
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    76 Predator, epic fail and recovery

    Quality doesn't need perfection, just the skilled covering up of mistakes.
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    Shamu meets Flipper

    Would like to have seen the underwater view of it making its move.
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    Local Ponds

    Better than the ones I caught yesterday, and I was using real bluegill.
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    Top-notch work. That black/gold/silver is awesome. You know a guy ain't messing around when he shows you the back side of his trim bands.
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    Bumps in wrap

    lol Sorry, just realized I should have been more specific. I apply a liberal coat of finish and give it 10 min or so on the turner. That gives it enough time to soak into the thread and the voids around the...
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    Bumps in wrap

    In the last bad finish thread, several of us talked about a seal coat where we wipe off the excess after the first coat has soaked into the thread a bit. This also wipes away some dust particles and lays frays flatter. Still might need to touch up a bit, but it's another reason why I do it that...
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    Spin rod blanks for schoolie tuna

    My Rainshadow 30# spinners are e-glass, but I think the RX7 line is graphite? Maybe a SW968? I don't know if Batson-Brands is still active but he helped me select a blank a few years back.
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    Just a joke for those of us who think "stripper" when we see a "striper" thread. Get it...

    Just a joke for those of us who think "stripper" when we see a "striper" thread. Get it? Stripper pole/striper pole? lol
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    Hey folks first post, looking to build some striper rods to start.

    When they're for striper, call 'em "poles", not rods. "Striper poles" in a thread title will get you a lot more views.
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    Awesome work. A trio is a challenge even for experienced builders. One of the things I love about BD, our new folks aren't afraid to jump in and tackle anything. FYI: If you want to share your large videos, you can upload them to a file hosting service and then just post the link. I use...
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    Katy perry colors

    lol I love this place.
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    Stigmas such as changing a boat name?

    I'm not real superstitious, but the First Cast curse is pretty real. If I'm lure fishing and I catch on the first cast, I'm likely to turn around and leave. I've wasted days of my life trying to disprove the theory.