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    Nomad Madmacs 240 Phantom

    240 big fish all day long
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    Nomad Madmacs - Get them here without crazy markups...

    Meltons sold 5 per customer that’s why they sold out quick most shops limit is 2
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    Center console fishing boat

    Still for sale
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    Nomad Madmacs - Get them here without crazy markups...

    The stores charging over retail is only to cover the cost of Air freighting them in
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    200 madmacs

    I would trade but we are to far apart I need a Mac and have Sardine nib
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    Daiwa Saltiga 60

    Good deal love my 55
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    Shimano Talica

    If he don’t answer text me at 714-718-2541
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    Madmacs - Nomad Design 200mm 8"

    Who pays these prices I get them weekly at $49.99 plus tax
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    Penn INT16VISXS silver

    I have a 55 but we are about 80 plus miles apart
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    WTB Shimano Talica 25

    hotrail20 submitted a new listing: WTB Shimano Talica 25 - WTB Shimano Talica 25 Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB Shimano Talica 25

    I have a friend looking for a Tac 25 he prefers a no rash reel no spectra needed If you know of one lmk 714-718-2541 Leonard Meet in Person
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    19 foot Whaler Montauk

    I see you finally put it for sale your kids won’t be talking to you no more. GLWS glad I got mine
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    Offshore BFT Crazy Train, 7-17

    Will be on 72 I know where they are
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    200mm nomad mad macks

    I am catching more BF on Spreader bars