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  • Very nice, keep me in the loop if doesn't go thru.
    Also what is the length of butt to center of reel set?
    Thx, OU
    Is the 30 still available? has it been serviced at all? Would you ship if I paid for it?
    Thank you for your time,
    I dont have the time for shipping plus it would require getting a tube and too much time sorry
    I'll take you up on your offer for suggestions on hooping Newport. Over the past few years I've tried the harbor jetties, CDM, crystal cove, NPB artificial reef and sewer pipe near river jetties. All with little to no success. Feels wrong asking a guy for spots. Perhaps I could take you hooping with my boat and gas. That way I could offer something in return.
    I'm out of newport too, I hoop once a year and then go back to diving, I get skunked every time hooping. What areas and depth are you fishing? thanks for any info.
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