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    Offshore 8/19 -22 Vagabond: That's gotta hurt

    It was great fishing with you guys on this trip. what a great trip report. was on the otherside of your your friend when got hooked it happen so fast i could not even say free spool to him. Thanks for your kind words, Mark.
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    Daiwa SK jig reccomendations

    chavid thanks for giving it to me. I need a new one would hate to lose that jig has to be a favorite by now.
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    Daiwa SK jig reccomendations

    The glow dot has been working day or night.
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    Stash of Daiwa Saltiga SK Jigs Found Online

    ordered three of them Thanks good looking out.
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    Offshore What worked BFT Searcher 3Day...........

    I was lucky to get out three trips in may Searcher, Outrider and RP, The SK killed it day or night.
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    San Diego offshore weather

    I am on the Outrider leaving Friday 2.5 day trip we Emailed the captain. Said are trip is a go the wind is high but the swell is stretched out long is what he called fishable weather.
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    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Thanks, for making my day at work better. gives me hope for the weekend.
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    Best Day Ever...

    Thanks for sharing made my day.
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    Which stateroom for the Vagabond?

    Been in most of them C is the best one i have found. Two person lots of room has the escape hatch also.
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    Wahoo bait

    It was only 9.1 lbs WR is at 10.4 lbs It was some great tacos, was fun fishing with you.
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    Wahoo bait

    Returned last week on a 10 day trip on the Vag. was my first time Wahoo fishing. Landed 14 of them. 5 on troll gold nomad was hot 3 on Mac. used 25 and 35 N2K 3 on small bait 2 on bomb green Capt. J 1 on gold and orange large raider Lost a lot of fish due to small hooks pulled but never had wire...
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    9.90LBS Spotted Bay Bass from 2004? Maybe

    I got one last week it was 9.1 lbs done by Mag Bay it was very good eating.
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Mine will show up today. Please put me on the list if I am not too late. Will be donating ether way. Thanks
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    Alt31 NE 27 Hope I can repeat this year Thanks again for last year.
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    JB Hollow

    Melton's tackle in Anaheim, depending on what line size they sell by the yard or cheaper if you by 600 yard spool and have them put it on.