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    7/12/20 - no Catch Bluefin Report

    Can't catch them from the couch - way to take a swing - a fast swing at that
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    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    I repeat - Attention Upper management...make this guy a moderator
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    Late Report CAT 7-10-20 / VID

    leaning post fighting chair - I like it. Fender down - I like it even better... God damm - you were in some pretty deep water for that zone - nice grade though
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    Affordable room for the weekend in Avalon?

    Seaport Village cheap - or stay a couple nights and check out vrbo in Hamilton Cove - a few more bucks but great 2-3 day adventure - lots of condos come with golf cart to get in and out of town
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    14 mile bank, 209, to Catalina 7/11

    If she stays with you after that trip - shes a keeper!
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    Friday at the oyster beds

    Oysters/Mussels - Tomato/Tomoto. It's out of biz now but here's some info on what they were trying to do:
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    More Mussel - eating the steel

    Ha - actually this is the first one we have shot that didn't have any hooks - had a belly full of sardines though
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    More Mussel - eating the steel

    Traffic really thinning out - I think people realizing that hook and line is a waste of time. Did see one other boat hang one for about 10 seconds then zing/pow - gonzo. The amount of anchor line and wrapped mono on all the mussel lines continues to grow. Arrived at 10am - 15 min swim - home...
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    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    This guy should be a Moderator - like now.
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    tips on towing PWC'S

    If you do tow them - you are on the right track - mouse tail a short rope and about a 6-8ft chain with a weight at the end. Don't have pic of my set-up but you can easily throw one together
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    accurate 197

    Holy fuck - this for sale ad is from 11yrs ago - "still have it??" LMAO
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    7/7 Mussel Farm Again

    Doesn't matter if you fish 130lb mono, spectra, etc. - just realize that the grid of Mussel buoys has a connecting underwater cable about 15-20ft below the surface in between each buoy - so any fish that you can't immediately get out of the grid are going to be broken off. And the boats trying...
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    7/7 Mussel Farm Again

    Will try and get your hooks back with the spear on Thursday or Friday
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    What’s my boat worth?

    Here is my suggestion: Put it on craigslist with just this pic - it will sell for a higher price then using any of the other pics