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    Quiet 9 mile

    Try to tow more than a the same time. But you know that... dark in the morning bright when the suns out
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    Oceanside to point Loma

    Wash down sucks, only one of them worked.
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    Oceanside to point Loma

    Left oceanside at 6:30 am and headed outside 10 to 12 miles, water glassy with a decent swell. Once outside we set our course for point Loma and searched for kelp paddies, water temps were 76.6 and found a nice temp break which dropped to 71.9 followed that for awhile still looking for the...
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    279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    Saturday trip to cat was 70.2 into the morning... saw Elvis 4 miles from the east end coming in... 71.8 in spots around the back side. Farnsworth at 71 green water all around...
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    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Takes all the fun out of fishing with family and friends, fishing is supposed to be fun for all of us. I understand that the sporties make a living at fishing and we have All made errors in judgment from time to time. Let's all try to do better.
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    8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    I use my Dad's old Penn squidmaster occasionally on a old seeker rod.... still does the trick..
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    Catalina recon

    Left Davies at 5:30 am saturday and picked up a 1/2 scoop from Nacho, good solid diens about 5" long most lived the whole day. Flat calm conditions with a quick crossing 1 hr 10 to the east end of Catalina. Started trolling and noticed nobody fishing there, water green and 70.6 degrees all...
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    Ghost Town 8/17

    Go by your self why risk your daughter.... Some day she'll give you a grand child.. 40 out in a 14' is.... to far with your kid. get a bigger boat.
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    8.17 - 267, 209 277 152 not happening yet

    Thanks Man, Its gonna pop soon A lot of bait inshore..
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    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    Bummer about your rih I know the feeling, my son in law lost an 8' Californian Witherspoon a lexa 300 out at Angels gate...ruined the whole day.
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    Aztec 3 Day, July 25-27 with BD Swag and BFT

    Wow, That looks like the perfect trip. Thanks for sharing your story.Looked like you all had a blast and gained 5 pounds..
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    O'side to 181 7.30.19

    Thanks for the info it's gotta get better soon.
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    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Right on Dad, you will never regret time spent with your boy. Keep it up always be a positive influence.... your raising a good young man.