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    Field Trip....9-23. Catalina

    Unforgettable day, the smiles say it all.
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    Marlin hunt redirected by foaming BFT - 9/16/20

    Boy Scouts motto.. Always be prepared.. cool story though..
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    Izor's Reef and Long Beach Breakwall 9/5 - 9/6 Yellowtail inside longbeach harbor?

    I have seen them on the outside of Angels gate, But it is very rare.
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    trolled 9 mile north for nothing

    We fished 9/5/20 followed the border out towards the 43 in snotty conditions. turned west to fish the nine mile bank and had a jig strike on a blue and white feather the Dorado jumped a few times and shook the hook.we found the paddy that fish was guarding with others there but alas we had no...
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    Pesky little dorado

    Karma is a strange thing, The douche that was messing with you has bad karma coming his way.
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    8/28/2020 Chaffee Island

    The oil islands is where my pop taught us how to fish 50 some years ago.. still a fun place to take the kids out. :jig:
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    8/25: Tuna trip audibled to Dorado trip out of SD....not much going on out there

    I agree the best is still to come, Just have a look at how Tropical storm Iselle is pushing up the Baja coast.
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    Cat to SD 8/23/20

    Very informative report thanks for the recon between all the spots. :appl:
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    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    :cheers:wow, Reminiscent of 2015/16 We caught a wahoo in mid October that year following the ridge/ drop off 7 -8 south east of the domes. tony the tiger Marauder lure at about 10 knots. :appl:
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    8/14/20 Passed the west end at 6 am and started the hunt... I was fishing on my friends skipjack 20... nice boat that he has restored. Fished the slide toward cat harbor for a few miles and saw many sporties and privates...nobody bent