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    Long Range photos, lets see them

    We call the angler in the red dress "lumpy" you had to be there to understand.
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    Several weeks ago while on the RP, when we slammed the big bft on the flat falls in the middle of the night.. ATD 50, Calstar 770 XXH.. 205 # BFT, 6 min from hookup to landing.. 140 # fish, took longer.. Everyone on the boat was fishing 130# and we lost very few fish to break offs, did have...
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    Another flat fall rigging thread

    Hey guys, I know this has been discussed before. But, what are your thoughts about using a J hook vs circle hook on the assist hooks for a flat fall ? I have several that I plan on rigging and am interested on the newest thinking on this for this upcoming season. I did catch a 205 and a...
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    Grant’s UFC on the RP

    Here is what the Mega looked like ... Rick Allan really put on a tuna seminar this trip.. Not only did he catch the two fish over 300#, he also out fished us all on the bluefin tuna as well..
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    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Here are a couple of shots from my recent Royal Polaris 18 day trip.. including Rick Allan's 398# mega yellowfin.
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    Grant’s Ultimate Fishing Challenge

    I wonder if little Frank will make an appearance.
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    Old school wahoo lure

    Hopkins Shorty Plain Lures - TackleDirect I still have some of them, but have not tied one on in a lot of years.. The last time I used one, we were at Clarion (before the closures).. Cast it out, got a bad backlash.. (doh)... took me a while to clear my line.. at that point the jig was...
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    “Bridled” Nomad Cow grade flat fall design

    Anyone know where to purchase the 300# kevar cord in red ?
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    Flying fish scent

    I doubt if a big tuna ever "Smells" a flyer before eating it... As we know, most strikes are explosive..
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    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Hey Guys, I 'm looking for suggestions on where to purchase some latches like this ? Anyone know what they are called ? Jeff.
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    Cow tuna jigs

    Where do you purchase Vectran and Kevlar ? Jeff.
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    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    Here are some more Clipperton photos from the Atoll
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    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    For me it's Clipperton been there 6 times.. it can be great or poor... just like any location.. I know that the Royal Polaris has done at least one trip to another location far south of Clipperton.. I just cannot remember the name jeff.