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  • Does Big-D share his video that he films on each trip? Is this something that needs to be requested from him ahead of time?
    Hey My Name is George, you mentioned in one of your post about Bobber fishing a puffer fish? Balloon? I was curious if you could give me a quick breakdown on how you rigged that setup? swivel? circle hook? Rubber band on the balloon at the swivel?
    These are super powerful fish, just want to set it up right,
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi there. This is Rina Nakano from 10News. Were you on the Prowler when it crashed? Let me know ASAP. 619-455-7537. Thanks so much. -R
    Just curious to know if you still have that long range check list you sent me years ago?
    I can't find the damn thing now and getting ready for a trip. Been using it for years, I freaking love it.. Anyways please send it to [email protected]
    Thanks my friend
    PS I'm leaving this friday..
    Hi Holi-e-Mackeral, My email address: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for the list. Also, thanks for your interest in the long range fishing addition. We have the greatest time!
    Hello Jeff,

    This provides 4 reel stands...the attachments for your reels into the reel seats on the rods. Turn the rod (guide side inward) and tighten the reel seat on the rod. You will have 4 rods attached to the devise with the guides facing inward. This way the guides are not outward and not subject to catching on something. Just left town so photos aren't possible for a few days.

    Yep I will be at the Fred Hall show Jeff. Dam why do they make changes. Just to mess with me. Remember when I was young we had no computer or microwave crap..LOL
    Hi Jeff,

    I saw you went on the Maximus in November. I was thinking of taking a short trip myself if they have an open spot. Did you have any trouble bringing in any rods or reels? I heard they were starting to tax rods/reels if you brought more than 4 in.

    HI Aaron,

    On Delta we had no issues with rods.. I brought 3 rods in a rod tube. My buddy and myself taped 2 tubes together and that counted as a single checked bag.. good trick..

    I hand carried the reels.. I did check a bag with hooks, tools and other sharp objects. I carried on most of the limited clothes I brough along.

    I would suggest you check the airlines for their oversize baggage policies.

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