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    Terrible offshore fishing

    That is pretty awful, I would give up fishing
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    Rod Eyelet Repair

    Yep easy fix as suggested. But what is the line that's on there?
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    My latest setup...thoughts on applications

    I would have kept your original setup. Also you can only keep daily limits on a 1.5. If you want 2 day limits you would have to be on a 1.75
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    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    Fuck the tuna. The true once in a lifetime fish was the Opah and you released it?!?!?! And keeping a cowcod and using a dart? Damn, breaking laws left and right.
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    Reliable Kill Bag vs. Buffalo Gear?

    Get the reliable and 5200 the seams as it says in the instructions to prevent leaking. Still wouldn't keep it in the truck tho
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    Anybody buy from Landmarinetoys out of Florida?

    55k feedback...... Na bro its a scam
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    MLPA - Huge Success

    That would cost them money, they came up with the MLPA so they have a way to generate money.
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    Bookends by 11

    Awesome trailer, when is it coming to theaters?
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    Epirb battery replacement time

    Do you know what an epirb is? Wtf does that have to do with a heart attack. Lol
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    Epirb battery replacement time

    If you're not a charter boat is it really necessary? Those batteries seem to go at least 10 years past the expiration
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    For Sale Feeler : 2019 39ft walkaround cabin with twin Yamaha 300

    Looks like a badass platform, can't find much if any info about the boat manufacturer. Looks like it may have been imported from China?
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    Shimano torium 20hg reel clamp support

    Yes, can get directly from Shimano or tackle shops or online
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    Shimano torium 20hg reel clamp support

    No. That has a round head You need this
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    Shimano torium 20hg reel clamp support

    Do you not have the original bolts? They have a rectangular head. You simply put them in, slide them over, and tighten the nut.