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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I have a small sign/sticker on my boat that says, "My boat don't run on thanks"
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    Hi Kai- 10/01/2020

    Sweet!! Nothing beats a short productive day:appl:
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    Aloha Pat and Crew, I hope all is well. Always enjoy your posts and pics, mahalo for sharing!
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    28 Foot Force Project

    Brah..... dat is one sexy boat rite dea!! great job and congratulations!
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    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Remington 1100!
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    Thursday 1/30/20

    Pat, Glad to see that you are on da road to recovery!! Da post was just extra gravy, good job to you and Eric!
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    Fishing Long Beach, California

    Thanks for posting, enjoyed the vid and tunes!
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    Update... 10/31/19

    HOOOO Pat!! Please don't tell me dat da gauze in the second to da last pic is running through from puka to puka!!! Get well soon Pat!
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    Update... 10/31/19

    Auwe that looks painful! Continued prayers sent for a complete recovery!
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    Pat.. Are you ok ?

    Prayers for a speedy recovery Pat!!
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    Half Day and got lucky

    Right on, way to get it done!!
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    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    I just found a stamp plate saying it's rated for up to 200hp.
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    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    Hey guys, I need help getting info on max horsepower for a Palm Beach Whitecap 205. It currently has a Suzuki 140 4stroke on it now, that is trash, and I have a brand new Mercury 200 Optimax still in the crate that I want to hang on it. The problem is, I live and work in Okinawa Japan and it's...
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    Waianae - July 6, 2019

    Good job... Onos is ono!!