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    live/frozen bait!?

    You can go to Pacific Ocean Producers on Nimitz Highway and they have frozen bait. I think that Garden Isle Produce sells some good frozen Palu (Chum) too.
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Wow!?? Where did all the ahi go? Did they just stop biting?
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    Lucky Ahi Kaneohe side

    Congrats on your ahi!! Ahi on the boat before 9am! Thats an awesome day!!
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    Not big, but plenty, Kanehoe side.

    Nice catch!! Kaneohe water is rough!! But catching fish makes it all worth it!! Congrats to you can Captain Ron!
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    Got lucky yesterday in Haleiwa "broke a little cold streak" lol

    Congrats on your nice ahi and braving the winds! Sea wasn't too happy out there!
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    The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

    Good going Pat!! Han Solo and multiple strikes = guy in top shape!! Thought on a whale was chomping on your fish!! That would foreals be an "Oh chit!!"
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    Got Lucky 6-2516

    Congrats Ron and crew on an awesome day fishing!!
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    Nice catch as always Pat! Good luck in the tournament tomorrow!
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    First Tuna for 2016

    Right in Todd! Congrats on a toad!!
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    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Congrats Noa and crew on your Ahi! What a great day to have so much action and top it off with an Ahi just outside the harbor!! Friend going be stoked with all the fish for the party now!
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    Best day yet!

    Thank you!
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    Best day yet!

    Thanks Todd!!
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    Best day yet!

    Thanks Mike!! Just got lucky to find the fish!!
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    Best day yet!

    Thanks Travis!! My brother always tells me how great you guys do fishing too! I think you must teach him a lot! Thank you! How's the boat coming along?
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    Best day yet!

    Thank you Mike!