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    Great commercial

    Saw this on another site and thought I'd repost..
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    Any Sekiu Reports???

    Yea Bruce.... He's a good guy and has built a nice rv park. I talked with him last night and he told me he's all booked up now.
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    Any Sekiu Reports???

    My buddy owns the rv park above Van Ripers on Rice street. Next time you need a spot pm me and I'll give you his information. I didn't know Van Ripers sold. I was told Olson's sold. Keep us posted.
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    Alaskan Moose report, 62"bull

    Toad!!!!! Nice Bull!!!!
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    Blue Avet MXL MC 5.8 For Sale

    Thanks Anthony!!!!
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    9/20 Wide Open YFT and Dipshits at 277

    Sorry to here about your trip. I've never got the opportunity to fish for tuna. I only have a 17' Arima and I'm in Washington state but same thing happens salmon fishing. Once you start catching fish or pull out the net here they come. Plus it got so bad when we were drifting the rivers for...
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    Summer project duck/bay boat

    Nice job!!!!! Looks great!!!
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    Saltist 20h BG or Avet SX for 20 pound

    I like my avet. I have a couple and just bought another. My buddy uses a saltist and likes it as well. Basically it's personal preference. You could have a 100 opinions either way. Both good reels.
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    North Idaho Moose Down *girls with guns*

    Nice Bulll!!!!!! Way to go!!!
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    What Fillet knife do you use?

    cutco !!!!!!!
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    Any Sekiu Reports???

    My buddy fished today,,, a little slow but they got a few keepers. They released a few natives as well.
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    What Reel With Fetha Styx DR965

    x2 Avet sx!!!!