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    Shrimp set ups

    PM Sent
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    Shrimp set ups

    Do you still have the pots without the buoys?
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    Downrigger Rod Holders

    Thanks guys!! that setup is exactly what was in my head and by the pictures it looks like it will work
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    Downrigger Rod Holders

    Ok I cant be the only guy running Scotty riggers with a short wife. I'm trying to come up with something that she can reach. She's only 5' 2" with boots on, and she has a very hard time getting the rod out of the holder having to reach over the top of the rigger. I was thinking of going to the...
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    Fuel usage for our boat

    Around 2.5-3.0 seems about right to me. 20' Hewes Ocean Pro 150 Honda. I have more than twice the fuel with an 85 gallon tank and I would not want it any smaller in the big blue.
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    Tactical Strike is for sale

    Is the stripper pole included?
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    Tuna Off The Hook

    Monday. Water was amazing.
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    Tuna Off The Hook

    Went out with Coleman on Monday and had an epic day. Plugged the boat and made it back to the dock before noon. On the first stop we slid into some boilers and put 45 fish in the boat. Trolled for a few minutes picked up another one then slid in on another one of his boats to finish it out at 52.
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    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    It sounded like a party over there, And i thought you guys were fishing...
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    CR and WP fishing is red hot.

    Please hold out...I'm going out with Mark on Monday next week.
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    whats with all the dark colored shirts for sale

    Deadpool Red Won't Show Blood Stains
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    No floaters!

    I found a yellow eye floating last week that was still kicking so I sent it down and never saw it pop back up. Also sent some china rockfish back down on the off day when we were inshore fishing for sea bass. Man those China's seem to blow up easy we were in 50-60 feet and there stomachs were...
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    LaPush Friday

    Guys, It's OK he dives a Grady he can't help it...