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    TRADE Truline cobra VGB 6 thin wall

    What's the tip size? And, so it's a VBG 6? What's the 6'3" mean?
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    For Sale Truline lm9 blank

    Oh, holy crapoly! Things are headed in the right direction.
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    For Sale 300 Kit

    Cortez Conversion side plate kit. Fits 300 series Newell. Silver color. $250 shipped.
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    For Sale 300 series side plates

    Complete Cortez Conversion side plate kit- plates & hardware for 300 series Newell. $250 shipped.
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    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Don't think anyone mentioned the Popped Eyed Catalufa. Also, there are Broomtail Grouper in King Harbor
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    who brings different #50 and #60 bait setups?

    I bring 30#, 40#, 50# & 60# on 8' rods. Usually the 60# is my light chunk rod- mostly reels with 2,4" diameter spools. Then 80#, 100#, 130# & 200# on 7 1/2' rods with 4/0 and 6/0 diameter reels.
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    For Sale Mint jig city

    It took me a few days to warm up to the idea, before I told Jimmy I would go $3000. Took somebody with big ones to go the extra grand!
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    For Sale Mint jig city

    You can keep the UFO, but how about a black D8 or a green 39. I could throw in a 50 T-REX to sweeten the deal .
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    For Sale Jig storage bags, hooks

    Can you do $15 on the hooks?
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    How about a green LM9? I was surprised.Truline LM9 is a 20# stick. I'd fish 30# on it.
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    I'm clueless

    Get some golf clubs. What you're talking about is a waste of time.
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    For Sale TRULINE 9M and RED-D8

    You want a D8? Fine. Message me.
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    What rod is your HX on?

    What the Funk & Wagnalls are you gopniks taking abut? Truline TNT or D7, period.