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    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    LOL.. all these stories make me feel so much better.. i think. Been chasing the triple digit BFT for last 4/5 seasons... lost count of how many trips. Finally got on them this year.
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    SOLD Redline Proline Mini BMX Racing Bike (for a kid) 20” wheels. In Fullerton

    My little girl can probably ride this. I’ll take it!
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    SOLD Bearing Buddies + covers

    I’ll take them! Def need to swap my trailer’s. Sending pm
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    WTB Looking for trini 20A

    Good meeting ya! Enjoy the reel. Smooth transaction great buyer
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    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    They all go through their ups and downs. But I'd ride on the Liberty any time... I've had fantastic fishing with Capt Taro and his crew more times than not over the past 5 years.
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    For Sale 6 gallon portable gas / fuel tank

    Used, but works. Asking $40. Located in Anaheim.
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    Jig hooks sizes?

    ahhh.. i remember the days when I was tackle whoring and buying upgraded rings, hooks, old jigs i didnt have, new jigs that just came out... etc etc... oh wait.. that was last Thursday...
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    Difficulty w sardines on circle hooks

    I hold the hook like above recommend along the bottom outside and then try to wedge sardine belly/shoulder between the opening shank and circle point, then do a little rotate left to right getting the point to catch.
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    Gaffed in the leg?

    awesome job being able to talk through some help. Glad to hear he's ok. Recently just finished putting together an IFAK/bleed kit with tourniquets, israli bandages, etc... going to order extra quick clot gauze and start carrying my kit along with the tackle bag.
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    sent a text.. looking for latest released model? or any of them
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    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I think my old dislocated shoulder just flinched hearing Stella 30k... i have a Stella 10k paired with BH Challegner S-801H, same rod as hucklongfin, and its perfect for popping. I don't know if i'd go anything higher than 18/20k just cause... well it takes a toll on my old body. LOL
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    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Samsies on leader and knot location... +1 on that BH Challenger Bank S801H and 65# spectra. I'm using 60# mono right now though. I'm partial to one Halco 135mm in Yellowin (call me superstitious)... its 5.25" and 49g weight. Not the heaviest thing, but I can get pretty good distance on my...
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    Starting them young

    love this man!
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    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    how long is your topshot? and what knot are you using for braid-topshot? Just wondering if maybe the knot or something is catching or slowing down ? I typically have a braid with a short mono about 3/4 the rod, my knot typically few inches from the tip guide.