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    Info on Sabre B710m-B710h

    I think they are around 100-130$. For the price, theyre cool rods, but you can get a calstart 90J for the same price.
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    It happens all the time. The thread is coiled, but spun around like fresh mono on a spinning reel. I have no idea why, and I fucking despise it. It can cause the metallic to mess up, or get knots.
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    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    I just ordered this on Amazon. Its not cheap, but my last gallon lasted me a year, so I think this should be okay for another year. And that last gallon was used wrapping up over 100 rods. Disclaimer: I just ordered it. I have not received ut yet, and have not tried it yet. I was going to have...
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    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    It looks like your dryer might have shut off after about an hour or two. You can sand it down, and refinish and it should look fine. As American Tackle said, it also looks like it was too hot. Hot epoxy doesnt set smoothoy, it sets runny, so it can look like that as well.
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    Crb wire chucks for sale

    Hey guys and gals, I have 3 CRB wire chucks for sale. Did not work for me, and I would recommend only using them for smaller weight builds. They are regularly 23$ each plus shipping, so im asking 45$ shipped for all 3. DM me or text me. 323-338-2107 -Hector
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    Another Covid rod builder...

    Those are awesome blanks, and they will make awesome rods, but I would suggest you buy a beater blank to start and not risk messing up an expensive blank. Island Fishing Tackle has the biggest rod building supply locally, but Get Bit is awesome as well. Another thing, are you wrapping by hand...
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    What do I have here?

    Usually re-wrapping a rod to me is a minimum of 150$ plus parts. Thats a simple 2 color wrap and basic fuji guides. Additional parts extra. So taking that into consideration, think about how much the blank costs, and an average of 180 for someone to wrap it deckhand. Now you have your price point.
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    HN vs MN vs LSV

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    ProKote High Build

    99% of my builds are with Pro Kote high build and my finish comes out perfect. Ive wrapped over 200 rods in the last 2 years and only had problems with 1 rod, due to an unknown contamination issue. Ive also used Gen4 and had the worst finish jobs of my life. I think it varies from place to...
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    What guides are thses?

    Those are 2 different sets of guides. The first taller beefier guide is an HN amd will handle what you need it to do. The second set of guides is MN guides. They will not handle 60-80lb. They will possibly break under pressure. Id go Alps XHN or Fuji HN guides for that blank.
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    CRB Eglass blanks

    They are good basic blanks. Weight wise they weigh a little more than newer blanks or composite blanks, but they get the job done. If you want a better option, i would go with a Rainshadow glass blank. I think they are better quality. And they have some 8ft models that are perfect for socal...
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    Need your help in identifying a rod

    This looks like a better answer. It looks like someone broke it and fixed it with a ferrule. And honey glass like that was used by a lot of companies, so hard to say what it is without labels.
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    Stripper guide orientation

    I flip the guide on spinning rods. On casting/conventional rods, if you move the guide closer to the reel, it makes it so the line doesnt touch the grip or blank. The line is not going to touch the side supports of the ring on this rod. I would see it potentially being a problem on 130lb+ rods...
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    Stripper guide orientation

    I would suggest you move the guide to 41 or 42in from the tip. You dont need to put it backwards. And you cant static test that rod with an MXL, i wouod suggest you ask someone local if you can borrow a big game reel to test it out.
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    Sabre E Glass

    Ive purchased a couple and built a couple. Theyre good rods. Can really chuck a light iron a pretty good ways out. Im actually in the process of building one of these for a buddy.