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    For Sale Swimbait/Lead Lot - 100+ New Baits

    Thinning out most of my larger plastics as the fish in my new area apparently only eat the kind of swim baits you need to take a second mortgage out to afford. With the exception of 4 of the 6 MC Weedless baits, these have never been used. MC Swimbaits, Big Hammer, Bass Trix, and Mano from 4" -...
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    For Sale Huge Rapala Trolling Lot (CD-18, Xrap, etc)

    Starting to thin out a lot of my saltwater baits that I just won't be using now that I'm mainly fishing the Delta and other boring freshwater stuff. Hopefully someone can put these to use. Have replaced the hooks on many of them but some are a little worn. There are two Yozuri deep divers in...
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    SOLD Salas YoYo Iron Lot

    Salas heavy iron lot - $60 shipped, PayPal F&F or Venmo 4 Yoyo (qty 2) - Scrambled Egg 6x Jr (qty 5) - Green/Yellow, one might be Dorado 6x Jr (qty 2) - Blue Mack 6x (qty 2) - Blue/White 6x (qty 1) - Blue Mack
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    For Sale 4' AFTCO Fiberglass Gaff

    4' AFTCO Fiberglass Gaff, in great shape. I got it in a trade and have never stuck a fish with it. Located in Lodi, but I can probably ship it in a golf club box if anyone down south wants it. $75.
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    Maritime Skiffs

    That 23 is sickkkkkkkk
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    SeaDek in LA!

    Glad to hear. I live up north now but SeaDek was worth the drive to Mission Bay to pick up. I think you guys will do very well in that area.
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    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    Couldn't agree more. I stopped listening because he constantly talks over the guests. Funny looking at my comments above from April 2019. My how things have changed. Nick, if you're reading this, crack yourself a personality beer if you need one prior to starting, but then maybe turn it down a...
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    Purchase ammo in Montana, privately ship to Brother

    I like this, but also glad I'll be able to buy from you in a few weeks.
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    Stop pig hunting for 3 years in CA

    They're a major problem in the wine regions, but most of the owners are too liberal to see the reason in having them hunted. Good chance of cold-calling private wine growers in Paso Robles for permission to hog hunt their land. I was a member at kukkula before the owner changed and remember the...
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    Skiff Recommendations (Welded, 14-15 ft?)

    What's your intended purpose? Rec or commercial? I have a 25hp on my 14' welded Gregor but if I went heavier gauge, 40-60 would be my HP target. Lund makes a really nice heavier gauge aluminum tiller boat; we have a Lund 16 with a 40hp Honda at the family cottage in Canada that gets the job...
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    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    If you have video evidence of them pulling your pots (easily identifiable with new ID numbers) and they have an outboard, what are the rules for lobbing a .45 through the engine head? Probably not in our favor but could it be considered defending property?
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    For Sale Ammo, Multiple calibers available.

    Wish I were closer. Just paid $400 for 500 rounds of 9mm FMJ and 100 rounds of .45 hollow yesterday and I was lucky to get it. I get to the store an hour before they open and am usually first in line every Tuesday morning. They receive on weekends and I buy as much as they'll sell me