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    For Sale Albakore Altuna Tackl;e Bag

    Never used. No plano trays included. $75.00
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    For Sale Leadheads for sale (Sold)

    9 lbs of assorted leadheads or OBO $40.00
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    For Sale "New" G. Loomis Edge Rod

    This is one of his new rods. It is a Edge Delta rod. Paid $150. Selling for $125.00
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    For Sale GUSA's

    SW 70H 83H 79Mag SW 70M Proto type rod fiberglass and graphite $125.00 eash or OBO Located in Pasadena. Pickup only -larry
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    WTB Shimano Tranx 300HG and Shimano Tranx 400HG

    I have a brand new 300 with paddle and power handle. The problem is I am in Pasadena
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    I used to hate the bunk with your face two inches from plywood
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    Cedros island at COA

    Yup......That started vacuum sealing the fish for .50 cents a bag
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    5 Star Fishprocessing

    No Costco gas stop? Just saying....
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    CEDROS ISLAND 2nd part of June summary report

    I was there when the 55 pound yellowtail was caught. Can't remember his name but it was a father-son-uncle group. We made it around punta norte and did real well on the bass. They were feeding on the red crab on the surface. We were the first charter of the season
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    April 30th 1.5 day trip on Pacific Voyager

    Now if we can get Yutaka on board
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    April 30th 1.5 day trip on Pacific Voyager

    Personally I would like to do some R/C for a freezer fill -larry
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    April 30th 1.5 day trip on Pacific Voyager

    If Duke is going Im on Larry
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    Penn Torque black 25N

    There goes the beer offer