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    PL 68 rod

    Depends where. Like HB or Clarion. XXX heavy rod like a Calstar 770 or 775 XXXH or if you want to try a Graphtec XXXH. A very good rod and at a great price. Reel, I use an Avet 50 SDS 3 speed. The middle gear is great for fighting the fish. The last weekend I was on a 2.5 dayer and...
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    Prototype rod rack

    Take it from Fishy. He knows how to fool the wife. Its only 10 rods honey. :D
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    SOLD Spooler

    It's a great winder. I have one of these, the best investment I've ever made for fishing.
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    SOLD New In Box - Avet HX 5/2 MC Raptor - Blue

    Sure. That would work. Send you a PM.
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    For Sale Calstar/GUSA/Seeker Blanks For Sale.

    Thanks, Robbie. Let me see the LM9 once you rewrap it.
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    For Sale Calstar/GUSA/Seeker Blanks For Sale.

    This is what is left. The Calstar blanks. 1. 800 XLH with cork tape wrapped already. $150 2. 700XH with aluminum seat and Hypalon and butt cap on. $150 3. 700H $120 4. 700H $120 5. 700M $120 6. 700M $120 7. 700ML $120 Or, if someone takes them all. $800 firm. :)
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    For Sale Calstar/GUSA/Seeker Blanks For Sale.

    Hi Guys, I have some unwrapped blanks for sale. I'm in WLA and goto OC often and can ship for multiple blanks at costs. Calstar 700XH - Blank with Hypalon and aluminum reel seat on. $150 Calstar 700H $120 Calstar 700H $120 Calstar 700M $120 Calstar 700M $120 Calstar 700ML $120 Price...
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    WTB Center console

    Sent you a PM.
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    For Sale 2015 Amato 21 Foot Center Console

    Bump. Price reduced to $12,000.