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    Offshore 475 5-12 bigger Yellows with a mako cherry on top!

    Nice job on the Yellows and letting the Mako go.
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    Wire Line Halibut

    Wireline is what we used for high speed wahoo trolling in FL and the Bahamas when I was a kid. It is purely for meat and a fun time at the gaff. Not much sport in it, but that is just me.
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Ok so it looks like both of my seat bases were screwed into the deck and coming loose. This was done by the original owner not Bill Anderson. I think he did it because it was easy and there was no access from the underside of the deck. Thankfully when I opened them up there wasn’t any rot in...
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    Greenough/Radon 17-21 Another one. A little big.
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    New boat electronics install

    Boat looks awesome! What was the deadrise angle where you installed the b175m? I measured mine and it came out to 16 degrees, right in the middle between the 12 and 20 degree 175s. Why the M over the HW?
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    Bogus fish counts

    That sounds like a shitty experience. Not sure what boat/landing this was but I have had nothing but good times driving down for trips on the Pacific Queen. Great crew/captain and I was never disappointed with the food or the people managing the landing. One skunk on one trip, tons of driving...
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    Offshore Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    It would have been nice to see one caught on something other than piano wire 🤷‍♂️
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    Sweet. Just what I was looking for.
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    Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    You have to be fast. Someone scored the day before yesterday. Not even 24hrs on CL. Good luck.
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    Offshore Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Enough tuna to last a couple years. Nice
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    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    I know what boat I am never going on. Thanks for the report.
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    Thanks for the information everyone, I think I have the info I need. Once the state stops burning I will stop by one of the marine electronics places in Vtown to make sure I am going the right route. Any recommendations besides Beacon?
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    Fish for sale

    Start releasing fish if your freezer is full. There are enough commercial guys out there. Hate it when people can’t figure the old “take what you need” thing out.
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    Thank you for the response. I am fine with the old Furuno Radar system I have but the old Garmin FF/gps isn’t my favorite. I am not set on it’s replacement yet. I was going to work backwards and first pick the transducers I want for the fishing I plan on doing. Initially I was going to go...
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    My Anderson’s electronics need an upgrade, everything is from 95’ when the boat was made. I am pretty set on the B175 thru Hull transducers to replace the old transom mounted transducer. The original owner had the rear compartment set up for a live fish hold so there is a perfect downward...