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    Farallon 25, refit

    Thanks for the kind words, hopefully my boat will find a good home soon.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Bump - come and get it.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Guessing 40gallons? It holds a solid scoop.
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    Going From Trailer To Slip

    Galvanic isolator, if you are using shore power, otherwise your prop and running gear can get eaten up by stray current. Bonding system with all thru hulls connected, sacrificial anodes on your trim tabs, swim step bracket and anything under the water line.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Thanks man, look forward to seeing your work! All the best.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    15-17knots depending on sea and load, 7-8gallons per hour, from floscan. That's running at 2200-2300 RPM, WOT is 2600
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Thanks man, always enjoyed killing fish with you.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    It's in the first line.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Whaleback 25, named after my dad "Ronnie" 43k obo Complete refit, Electronics and new decks, new tanks, new running gear. This boat has been everywhere safely, and has allowed me to kill everyhthing that swims. No trailer - if you want a trailer, you have no idea how big/heavy this boat is - or...
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    If you are still looking for a 25 Farallon, send me a number

    If you are still looking for a 25 Farallon, send me a number
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    Jensen Water Resistant Stereo Housing

    $5, new in the box MRH211W, Jensen Water Resistant Stereo Housing
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    Mint 16A SOLD

    Thanks for the reel Danny. Showed up quick and as you described. Can't wait to kill something with it!
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    Picked up++++No Longer Available+++Shakspeare Cardboard shipping Tubes- rod storage/shipping etc..

    +++++++Picked up already+++++++++++++++++ I have four Shakespeare antenna cardboard tubes. These are the tubes the antennas are shipped in. These would be good if you are shipping or storing fishing rods, I think they are all 10-15 feet in the length. I also have one or two old antennas that...
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    Magma Grill Rod Holder mount

    ******SOLD******* $30...send a PM please. No shipping, pick up in San Pedro, Pasadena, or Santa Monica. Condition New, not in the packaging.