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    Watch your fish

    What wrong with small rockfish? They are much more tasty than their larger species. I usually give the big rockfish away and eat the small ones. I also fish for sanddads, my favorite eating fish. As for calling deckhands nasty names, only shows the lack of maturity of the individuals in...
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    2004 Sailfish 2100 Bay

    Just picked up a 2004 Sailfish 2100 Bay in Mobile, AL for $10k. Plan on using it this Oct-Nov while renting a house on Fish River. Fish River empties into the Mobile Bay by the Gulf's entrance to the Bay...
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    Inshore Pt Loma Ling 5/15

    The 1st mate is away and I lost my honey-do list so I decided to go fishing instead. Got up late, made up some mac chum and left the house at 0800. Stop at bait barge to catch about a dozen small-medium macs. The seas were pretty rough with wind and swell. Fished the kelpline close to the...
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    Islands Coronados and 9Mile 5/12

    Years ago when I fished the Islands many times a year before all the paperwork hassle, there use to be schools of blues just off PUKY point. They were a nuisance and you could catch all you wanted. Then they seemed to disappear. I moved after catching this blue cuz not my favorite eating fish...
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    Islands Coronados and 9Mile 5/12

    The weather looked perfect yesterday for a boat ride to the Coronado Islands (,-118.394,8). No wind, chop, swell, etc. Just recently got all the necessary paperwork to fish there. Haven't fished the island in years, instead staying close to home to find the fish in...
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    Inshore PL lings 4/28

    It was dirty around the kelpline and further out. Lots of birds diving on bait stirred up by porpoise. i did not try to see if there was fish under the birds cuz focused on catching a ling for dinner.
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    Inshore PL lings 4/28

    Started the day off in the San Diego Bay around the landing. My buddy gave me a few small scopes of bait to fish with from his boat. 90% small macs with a few sardines. After two drifts for nada, off to the PL kelp area to look for lingcod with this great bait. My buddy joins me there and we...
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Install a trolling motor with a "spot Lock" function. A game changer for staying on a location with zero drift. Advantages 1. no drift 2. keeps bow into wind and weather 3. line almost straight up-and-down 4. almost zero snags, or tangling with others 5. spare motor 6. extra weight forward...
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    Inshore I've Got a Problem.

    Whistler was slow and dirty. Only 4 small rockfish after a few hours. But it did give up two small macs that I put in the bait tank. The off to the green tank area of PL. Caught a 23" ling on 1st bait. Lost the other in the kelp. Got dinner so called it a day to watch the end of the Masters.
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    Inshore I've Got a Problem.

    I'm addicted to fishing! Right now I am reading the BD reports and the fishing urge is over-powering. My wife is in Independence for a few more days and I do not want to do the list of honey-dos she left me. So I'll pack up the car now and head down to my boat to fish where the weather will...
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    1987 Cabo216 "Lipstick on a Workhorse"

    Good eye! If you look at the deck in front of the back center seating bench you can see the outline of a 14"x 36" inspection plate covered by the SeaDek material. Before I covered this new plate I replaced the fuel line, expoxy painted the fuel tank both forward and aft. Basically I "end...
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    1987 Cabo216 "Lipstick on a Workhorse"

    Good question for an open backed transom boat. The short answer is NO. Weather gets bad I go home or don't go out in the 1st place. But I planned for it by adding 2 1500 gph bilge pumps and a portable emergency bilge pump. I figured if it happened to start the motor and get out of harms way...
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    Islands 100 F line off Mission Bay 4/7/21

    I started solo at the 100 F line off Mission Bay and worked my way north. Just sanddabs to start with bigger fish the more I moved north. Got limit before I reached the 270 Spot off LJ.
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    1987 Cabo216 "Lipstick on a Workhorse"

    My old and well used Cabo I've had for over 18 years, over 6k hours of use and 3 motors needed a cleanup according to my 1st mate. Not having the time, money or expertise like a few others on this board have shown, I decided just to hand paint/re-upholster some of the inside myself and cover...
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    Islands South 9 Mile Bank Mar 27th

    I heard the same thing about mexican rockfish. I just clean each filet of most of the bloodlines and cook as any other rockfish. However, there is quite a difference in color between a red and a mexican rockfish, Meat turns white just like green lingcod once cooked. I find the fish not as sweet...