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    They’re here... SlapShot tuna 22 Aug

    Excellent, way to Get-R-Done
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    The Paragon

    Hope you get to draw first blood on it after this next rotation
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    Love it when a plan comes together Turn N Burn has arrived

    Congratulations-may your lines always be tight and fuel gauge on full. What float did she land on?
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    How is L1

    Heal up quick, we want you back in 100% shape
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    The Paragon

    That is/will be a great boat.
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    Anniversary salmon fishing

    Where did you get that kiss? I want the "cords":cheers:
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    Avets Ready for Battle

    Your work is absolutely FIRST CLASS
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    It’s a beautiful morning

    Great Scott, where did I leave the DeLorean?
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    Just off the bench

    Eric built this rod for my wife. It will be sent to her tomorrow. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with him on this.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Make that at least 3 of us
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    Ammo & brass 300wm, 7mm rem mag, 338wm, 7mm wsm

    Sounds like some good deals still available.
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    You might look into Top Knots out of Oregon They built a tow bridle...

    You might look into Top Knots out of Oregon They built a tow bridle for me and it was exactly what was needed. I let them pick the dimensions