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    single strand wire for wahoo trolling? Or heavy Fluoro leader?

    I happen to have a little experience on your topic as far as single strand , seven strand or fluorocarbon , I want you to look at the picture of the yellow fin tuna caught 200 miles north of hurricanes bank , trolling .We were goofing around just wasting time , a long come these two beautiful...
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    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    Wow I’m impressed. Great life , enjoy enjoy like there’s no tomorrow.
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    For Sale Hoyt Nitrum compound bow

    What type of firearm are we talking about?
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    BFT done for the year?

    Wrong, fished Monday the 16th on a private 35‘ skipjack. 30 to 40 boats out at the Tanner bank ,flat no wind conditions . Blue fin tuna all over the edge in about 600’ of water. Caught a 190 #
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    Independence try out...

    Suite A (bow) is my favorite spot , lots of room and We have our own shitter. I’ll be on that trip. Welcome to the best Fishing platform in the west.
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    Best 16 day charters?

    I don’t understand, what’s dtf?
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    Best 16 day charters?

    First of all welcome to long range fishing, long rangers as it called. I think the most important part that you’re missing out on is the experience of whatever Boat you fish . I fish the red rooster I fish the Indy I have fished a lot of boats in my time but you are missing out on the experience...
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    SOLD Sato basic crimp system+++++9 hollow spectra needles. $100

    Ok ,your on the clock. If you don’t respond by 12 pm today ( high noon) I’m moving on to another member. Thanks
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    SOLD Sato basic crimp system+++++9 hollow spectra needles. $100

    It’s going to cost whatever to your address. I take PayPal. whats your address? [email protected]
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    SOLD A lot of Salt Water Hooks Miscellaneous $75

    One lot of miscellaneous hooks look at pictures very carefully Owners Mustads Gamakatsu Eagle Claw Albacore Jig double hooks $75 will ship I’m in Long Beach Ca
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    For Sale 2/PENN 49L SUPER MARINER NEW $80 each

    I have two New in box Penn 49 super Mariners no clamps ,no clamps I will ship, I’m in Long Beach California look at pictures carefully.
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    Very nice clean Penn 349 master mariner for sale with new 50 pound test line look at pictures very carefully the spool is a steel spool it has a little bit of rust and tarnish. the drags system is good and ready to go. will ship I’m in Long Beach. No box $95
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    SOLD Used Penn Fathom 40NLDHS Single speed right hand.$175

    For sale is a Penn Fathom 40 NL DHS single speed 7 to 1 ratio reel Lever drag In good working condition,few scratches Look at pictures comes with box and will ship on your dime. I’m in Long Beach. $175