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    Commander 1.5 day San Clemente Yellowtail (April 18) BAIT WRAPS Sponsored

    boat was Dolphin 2... we spent 6 months in boat yard and put in over 300K to give you a fantastic fishing machine
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    2.5 Day on the Eclipse - Bait Wraps 4/16 - 4/19 Canceled. Moved to the Commander

    Not on the Eclipse or Commander. FYI. No fuel surcharge. IF fuel is over $4 a gallon, fine. We try to make our trips as all inclusive as possible, it is a HIGHER ticket price, but you save in the end and always know what you are paying for.
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    Charkbait 2 day on the Eclipse

    We look forward to fishing with you. It is our annual Offshore Exploratory trip, and the trip last year that started it all for the SoCal fleet on the tuna... we hope to replicate that again this year... Tight Lines and Sharp Hooks~ Capt Mark
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    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Haha Nice!! I told him it would get bit!!! Thank you for coming out with us
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    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Oh, did Ross get one on that Diamond Jig!?!?!? LOL...awesome!!!!
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    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Thanks for the post and write up Don. Hell of a nice Yellowtail to start the day off on!! Glad you had a good trip on your old girl... Thanks for posting Pictures Bob... Robert, where is your write up? LOL. For tackle guys, I highly recommend 50# on the Dropper loops and YoYo irons. Heavy Irons...
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    BdeLA 10-24

    was that all you caught in 9 days? did you fish any other days?
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    Offshore Rpt.-08-24-14 A 2 day trip on the Eclipse!

    Thanks for the report- and for everyone who came out with us. Sorry I couldn't make the trip- fatherly duties call first! Also, thank you for clarifying the fuel surcharge and bait issue- the bait haulers are doing their best, and we are doing ours. Unfortunately fishing is an expensive...
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    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    Thanks to all who replied to this thread. It is a very serious issue and one that would never go unaddressed on 99% of Sportfishing vessels in the Southern California fleet. Normally I wouldn't even respond to this type of post. But several of our awesome passengers have called or emailed me...
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    Commander Fishermans Landing

    Thank you
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    Commander Fishermans Landing

    Yes, Chris and I purchased the vessel. The boat has an extensive history, and was recently named the Dolphin II, previously known as the Predator, Producer, Red Raider and lastly, it is the original Cat Special. The first, before the Eclipse became the Cat Special. We are going to be offering a...
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    Bottlenose dolphins with WSB- 3/15/2013- Eclipse

    In 20 plus years on the water, I have never seen this...Bottlenost Dolphins with White Sea Bass... pretty incredible.... They saw this aboard the Eclipse today on our 4.5 hour whale watch trip with Pacific Nature Tours... I thought you guys might dig this... I haven't caught a seabass in a...
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    Offshore IT'S NOT OVER...Eclipse 1.5

    Thanks for the report and thanks for comming out fishing with us! @CommingIn Heavy- can you post video to our FB page as well? I would be very appreciative! @Bryan- you've been on 2 really good trips with us this year! I was stoked for you- thanks for riding with us all these years- good seeing...
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    Offshore Is the Season Over :(

    Your weather is going to be nice for your trip, Nick.... you guys are gonna get em...