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    Aqua-Lung Hookah Diving Setup

    It's certainly something you could do in your slip, If you want to go out deeper all the rules of scuba apply.
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    Cheap Hydraulic Fluid vs Expensive Fluid??

    If you are in long beach you might go buy it at Fischer oil on the west side and buy it in bulk for a good price I purchase all my oil needs there.
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    Wood finishes

    Epifane, Pricy but works well and lasts.
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    Anchor line.

    Thanks folks was looking for an outlet to buy 5/16 amsteel line not anchoring guidance but all is OK. I have 25 feet of chain at the anchor that rises up and down giving this 26 foot boat some movement. I am putting it on an anchor puller so wanted to get as much length as possible on it so 600...
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    Anchor line.

    Any one have a good source for ordering some Amsteel Blue 5/16 line?
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    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    Its been a while, But I decided to go with a Honda BF 50 on an older hull because of weight. I ended up with the 50 and a 15 for less money than the 90 and the pair weighs less. These boats pound like hell and shake the rails off tearing out fasteners every where, I get where ever I want to go...
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    Drydocking Baja

    Baja Naval in Ensenada
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    Drydocking Baja

    Baja Naval in Ensenada.
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    Air Dock installation

    I've been one one of these for a few years now and would not hesitate to replace it if need be,
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    Air Dock installation

    Text me at 7one 4 269 four six five six.
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    Air Dock installation

    It's not that hard I have done a few at my marina but not in an end slip . You need some room to work and a few guys to maneuver the finished product into place and hook up hoses. W hat marina are you in?
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    Coalesceing filter- RACOR

    Model ccv4500 filter by Racor. Keep your engine bay clean. $150.00
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    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Does'nt sound too bad if all this gets 2 motors are they new? looks like this could be going on in Goleta.