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    Looking for ocean classes/knowledge

    I think you misspelled that Kim Word Origin for bustard C15: from Old French bistarde, influenced by Old French oustarde, both from Latin avis tarda slow bird
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    Remember to run your blower...

    Reporter is not a boater
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    MA 2.2 COHO

    Bright fish !! Straight spinner? trolled or cast- I need to get Judy out for some fish.
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    My last ocean 2020 boat ride

    Thanks for the effort and report. I guess the Fat Lady was singing last week.
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    Razor Clams closed due to Toxins

    October 27, 2020 Contacts: Zachary Forster 360-214-0555; Jason Wettstein (360) 704-0258 Oct. 31-Nov. 3 razor clam digs cancelled due to marine toxins OLYMPIA--Washington's ocean beaches will remain closed to razor clam harvest through at least Nov. 12 after test results on razor clams dug at...
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    TUNA Optimists ??

    Anybody else still watching for a weather window and active TUNA reports?
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    She definitely put on some weight since the last time I was there. I know you're talking about the boat- but you and Swede could be in lock up ;) Fun progression pics.
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    My last ocean 2020 boat ride

    Sad looking parking lot Greasy water No fish pics?? How about some sizes....? I was hoping to go but ended up working on a danger tree. At least I knew where to find it ;)
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    Elephants eat peanuts

    Fun read!! that trout has back markings like a chinook minus the L shape
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    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    Saving this one- Not getting good marks at speed. This was last year nearly stopped
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    WP 10/8 tuna

    Tuesday is looking decent- hoping there's no downturn that seems to be the pattern lately
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    WP 10/8 tuna

    Always watching- often hopeful :) Thanks to Mark and crews for feeding them and keeping them close
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    WP 10/8 tuna

    Guide Canyon ? What's your SST source? Nanoos show the temp and current flow that help picture which way it's moving.
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    WP 10/8 tuna

    Sunday is looking better Where will the warm water holding Tuna be after this big blow??
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    WP 10/8 tuna NOAA has Friday winds 25 -30 kts