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    Saltwater Lonely WP

    Lonely report......... Not many posting this year
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    time to repost

    Nice video Vance. Boat name? Other info......
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    Anyone else interested in a run to/beyond the 126 line?

    L2, we fished the warm/ blue finger W of the 493 vic 12/ 14 and caught 1
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    Saltwater Tuesday TUNA Trip

    And the rain starts........... Sure hoping for another run
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    Saltwater where the tuna are not - Quinault Canyon 9/16

    SST and Chlorol both have a good looking finger SW of LaPush. Sorry your trip was not productive
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    Anyone else interested in a run to/beyond the 126 line?

    Hope you can do it and find them hungry. It's sure been a frustrating year.
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    Saltwater Tuesday TUNA Trip

    No chance this week....... PZZ156-170100- Coastal Waters From Point Grenville To Cape Shoalwater Out 10 Nm- 846 AM PDT Thu Sep 16 2021 ...GALE WARNING IN EFFECT FROM LATE TONIGHT THROUGH FRIDAY EVENING...
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    Saltwater Tuesday TUNA Trip

    Well, you know how these older guys are..... ;) G
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    Saltwater Tuesday TUNA Trip

    High hope for our (finally) first trip that made it out of the harbor for TUNA this season. LOng time fishing buddies Mike and Hank were crew and I was the youngest at 76. Standard ice and launch the day before - prep the boat and rig the rods. Pink sky as we motor out ( No O2 sensor alarm...
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    Sept Hali day in MA1&2

    That's flow rate in mph. Anything over two I'm cautious- over 3 I'm changing my launch, recovery time. Slack is when it's near the 0 line
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    Saltwater Tuna Report

    There ya go!! Great report and pictures too. Hope to post a Tuna report soon........ G
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    Saltwater Tuna Trip Report

    Yep, had to load the boat and go home with 600# of ice and 3 sad fishers Going to try again Tuesday- watch this space..... ;)
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    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    Still planning on Tuna Run Tuesday! Just need a direction- NW looks good, SW also G
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    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    Looking hard at Tuesday......... We haven't made it out for Tuna yet this year. Anybody else? Always up for buddy boats :)
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    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    Sorry you got salmon scales on your new boat L2 ;) We haven't made it out for Tuna at all this year..... Been anxious to go with new jigs to reach the deep fish. ARGHH