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    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    Well, Mike and Patrick are both fishing the Roache Derby this weekend.....
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    Lingcod Charter Recommendation?

    Check with Allstar Charters for MA 8.2, 9 & 10
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    PSA Anacortes?

    Regular meetings are 6:30 PM the 3rd Tuesday of each month Village Pizza, 807 Commercial Ave, Anacortes. Great group of guys up there too!
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    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    Todd fixed that Defiance.....A lot more wiring in it than that Tide Runner.....
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    Blackmouth Derby Time!!!

    Wrong Derby Cornbread!!
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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Jay, Thank for jumping in here.....I am guessing this is the boat we see Andrew on?? This really sucks no matter what happened!
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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    That's not good!
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    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Took me a while but I found it way down the list......Looks like Norm took it off the market for the winter. @carrie's bait boy ???
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    New format bonus

    Doesn't recognize what I have already read.
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    Sad story

    That sucks!!!! RIP
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    ISO Garmin TR-1 ECU

    Call Garmin.....They still had reconditioned parts a couple month ago....As they run out they will no longer repair or replace.
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    They just don't fit
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    Debbie doesn't run the Resurrection....Fidalgo PSA does!